Pebli Town Review

Review: Pebli Town

Pebli town has been a huge hit with our two girls, and they have played with it almost every day since we got it – and several times it has kept them amused for an hour or more. This is a clever gadget that brings together technology and imaginative play in a way that really appeals to the kids.… Continue Reading “Review: Pebli Town”

Penguin in daylight - Valuelights review

Review: Funky Penguin Lightshade – Valuelights (19702)

One Georgie’s favourite animals is penguins, so when Valuelights asked us to pick our first review item as part of their blogger network, this novelty plastic ceiling shade was an obvious choice! Lydia is a penguin fan too, so it was bound to be very well received by both of our girls.… Continue Reading “Review: Funky Penguin Lightshade – Valuelights (19702)”

Make your own jigsaw - What you will need

Make your own jigsaw!

As part of our twitter party, we are challenging the children to make their own Inside Out jigsaw puzzles. To join in the fun, you need to have a picture printed onto some card, some felt pens/crayons, a ruler, a pen, and a pair of scissors. It’s also handy to have a small bag to keep the pieces safe in. We were provided with little Inside… Continue Reading “Make your own jigsaw!”

Frozen jigsaw

Frozen vs Minions – Pre-Schooler Quiz Questions!

As part of our Ravensburger Twitter Party, we have been challenged to have a Frozen vs Minions team activity with puzzles and quiz questions. Every time a team gets a question right they get 5 minutes to work on their puzzle. Now, most of our party guests are young children so these little mini-quizzes are quite easy, but fun for the little ones! I thought… Continue Reading “Frozen vs Minions – Pre-Schooler Quiz Questions!”

Joy in a Box

Joy in a Box – My Sunday Photo

There is nothing quite as special as a big empty box, when you’re a little child with a big imagination. We are hosting a jigsaw puzzle twitter party on Tuesday, and a huge pile of jigsaws was delivered to us in this box. They weren’t able to go safely back into the box until we need them because the box was immediately claimed by these two!… Continue Reading “Joy in a Box – My Sunday Photo”

Lydia loves My Friend Bing

Review: Fisher-Price My Friend Bing

I have to admit when we were offered one of these cute Bing toys to review, I jumped at the chance – Lydia is a huge Bing Bunny fan and this is her first Bing toy of her very own. This Bing Bunny walks and talks, much to both Georgie and Lydia’s delight. His expressive ears wiggle about too, which is a really nice touch.… Continue Reading “Review: Fisher-Price My Friend Bing”

Ravensburger Twitter Party Host

I’m a Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party Host!

We really love twitter parties in this house – the kids get to have fun with their friends, play with some new toys, and enjoy some games. No to mention the twitter side of things – chatting about the brands we love online, giving people the chance to win great prizes, and having a great time online as well as offline. So it is with great… Continue Reading “I’m a Ravensburger Puzzles Twitter Party Host!”


On the hunt for the Big Hoot

Birmingham is currently liberally sprinkled with large decorated owl statues as part of a public art event called The Big Hoot. It is all in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and you can find out more about it on the Big Hoot website. There are 89 giant owl sculptures, sponsored by different companies and organisations, and 120 “owlets” created by local schools. They will be on… Continue Reading “On the hunt for the Big Hoot”


Cornish Florals – Macro Photography Project

We spent a week in Cornwall in July, and my parents garden is full of beautiful flowers at the moment – from the day we arrived I was itching to get out there with my camera to snap some pics. We also visited the Eden Project while we were down and I spent a few minutes snapping some macro shots – the first three of… Continue Reading “Cornish Florals – Macro Photography Project”


Review: Princess Fairy Castle Appliqué Initial T-shirt from All by Mama

These t-shirts are really cute and I was immediately impressed by them when I opened up the package. First impressions when you order these is brilliant as they are wrapped up sweetly in tissue paper, so it is like getting a little present in the mail (and who doesn’t love a present?!)… Continue Reading “Review: Princess Fairy Castle Appliqué Initial T-shirt from All by Mama”