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    Review: Clarks girls shoes

    Clarks children's shoes are well known for being good quality and well designed, and I have to say my experience of them agrees with this. We were invited to take our girls to a local Clarks store to get their feet measured and - Keep reading...

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    Fun for kids with Amazon Prime...

    I went to London a week or so ago with the kids, braving the tube on my own with the two of them. The stress of that journey was well worth it, as we had a really lovely morning at the Amazon Super Summer Event finding out more about the new original kids content they - Keep reading...

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    Is there such a thing as too many books?

    I love to read. Every day, I read using my beloved Kindle Paperwhite and I devour books. This love of reading started at an early age and it has helped me in so many ways as I’ve grown older. To me, there is nothing better than curling up with a good book and being transported - Keep reading...

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    Exploring the “deep, dark, woods”

    We are lucky to live less than a 15 minute drive from Lickey Hills Country Park, a beautiful area south of Birmingham filled with trees and wildlife. Last weekend we headed over to the country park for an afternoon to have an “adventure” and enjoy the lovely weather. Georgie - Keep reading...

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    But Mummy, it’s just like a roundabout!

    Yesterday was an exciting day for us… our new sofa & armchair arrived! Yes, at 28 years old (not quite 29… yet! Nine days to go…), I am now at an age where a sofa delivery is the absolute height of excitement. Our last sofas were less than 5 years old, but were - Keep reading...

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    Introducing Piper

    A few weeks ago I was invited down to London to the UK launch of a very clever looking device called Piper.  Piper is a “home security and automation device” – basically, a wifi connected camera with built in motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, - Keep reading...

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    All the M’s Rocky Road

    Georgie and I decided to make a double batch of Rocky Road, and I have amended this wonderful recipe from Jo’s Kitchen to create what we called “All the M’s Rocky Road” I decided to video our efforts so you can find that at the bottom of the post, along with the - Keep reading...

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    Review: LG G3 Smart Phone

    I’m happy to introduce Felix aka The Psychology Student to Mama Geek who is here to share his thoughts on the LG G3 smartphone. Find him on Facebook here. Enjoy the review! Product: LG G3 Smart Phone Price: £479.00 Age - Keep reading...