Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton Adventure World

Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton Adventure World – 2016

On Saturday we headed down to Hatton Adventure World to check out this year’s Enchanted Christmas Kingdom programme. We took Sophie, one of the girls’ best friends, with us, and the three of them had a whale of a time exploring everywhere and enjoying all the different festive activities.… Continue Reading “Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton Adventure World – 2016”

My Lego Dimensions set up

My Lego Dimensions set up

I got my first Lego Dimensions stuff last Christmas. I started off with the Starter Pack and by the end of the Christmas holidays I also had the Unikitty fun pack, the Doctor Who level pack – some excellent use of my Christmas money! Fast forward 11 months later and my collection has expanded a fair bit. We’ve bought the odd pack through special offers,… Continue Reading “My Lego Dimensions set up”

Pipity Activity Case Review

Review: Pipity Activity Case and Portfolio

Georgie has blossomed into a really creative child and is always drawing, colouring, or cutting & sticking to make colourful crazy creations! The Pipity Activity Case is perfect for her, and will be ideal for keeping her amused on long car journeys, quiet afternoons at home, and pretty much anywhere else.… Continue Reading “Review: Pipity Activity Case and Portfolio”

North Pole at Santa's Grotto, Bullring

Where to see Santa in & around Birmingham in 2016

There are so many options when you are planning your trip to visit Santa in the Birmingham area. We’ve been to a few in the last few years, and will be reviewing several here on the blog over the next few weeks. If your child wants to write a letter to Santa this year I made some free printables last year which are ideal for… Continue Reading “Where to see Santa in & around Birmingham in 2016”

Magical Lantern Festival

Magical Lantern Festival at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

On Wednesday evening we went along to the launch event of the Magical Lantern Festival at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  There are two themed lantern trails around the beautiful gardens, with festive Christmas lanterns, and a series of Wildlife & Nature lanterns. In addition to these, there is a fantastic lantern to represent Birmingham; a glowing bull – a replica of the Bullring sculpture. Visitors enter… Continue Reading “Magical Lantern Festival at Birmingham Botanical Gardens”

Cosplay at MCM Comic Con

Our day at MCM Comic Con!

At the weekend we headed to the NEC for MCM Comic Con. We didn’t tell the kids where we were going until the day before and they were ridiculously excited, especially after I told Lydia that she might just see Supergirl! We were given press passes for the purpose of this post. We were especially interested to see just how family friendly the con was –… Continue Reading “Our day at MCM Comic Con!”

Georgie and the Forza goal

Net World Sports to the rescue!

Sometimes, people do things that make you totally disgusted at the world we live in. No, I’m not talking about voting in Donald Trump, I’m talking about something a touch more local than that. A little while ago, Georgie’s primary school posted a notice on their Facebook and Twitter feeds informing parents that their new football goals had been stolen from the school grounds overnight.… Continue Reading “Net World Sports to the rescue!”

Dream Toys 2016 top 12

Dreamtoys 2016

This morning I’ve been in London at the 2016 Dreamtoys event, to find out what the top toys are this Christmas. Each year a panel of “leading toy retailers” come together to look at the latest and greatest toys, and to predilection which dozen toys will be the best sellers for the Christmas period. I had a lot of fun chatting to lots of different… Continue Reading “Dreamtoys 2016”

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Austen,        , Writer - Jane Austen, Director - Deborah Bruce, Designer - Max Jones, Composer - Lillian Henley, Lighting - Tina MacHugh, Sound - Matt McKenzie,  Churchill Theatre, Bromley,2016, Credit - Johan Persson - www.persson

Pride and Prejudice at the Birmingham REP

Yesterday evening I spent an enjoyable few hours at the Birmingham REP at their opening night of Simon Reade’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Currently touring the country, this play is an enjoyable reselling of Jane Austen’s most famous and beloved novel. I was invited to review the performance and given my tickets free of charge for the purpose of this post. Pride and Prejudice… Continue Reading “Pride and Prejudice at the Birmingham REP”