My “Golden Build” Hackintosh

My late-2011 MacBook Pro has been good to me and served us well for years, but for work and editing videos it has it’s limitations. I’ve been using it with an external monitor for a second screen, but it was awkward and took up a lot of desk space. Video editing was ok, but could be better – for heavy graphic and video work the… Continue Reading “My “Golden Build” Hackintosh”

The Wizard of Oz at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Wizard of Oz at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Last night we headed over to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for our second helping of outdoor theatre this summer; The Wizard of Oz, by Immersion Theatre. All four of use attended and we all really enjoyed the show, which had us clapping along, singing, dancing, and laughing out loud.… Continue Reading “The Wizard of Oz at Birmingham Botanical Gardens”

Great Summer Adventures at Hatton Adventure World

Great Summer Adventures at Hatton Adventure World

We were invited along to Hatton Adventure World to check out their Summer activities and see what was new at one of our favourite local attractions. The girls always enjoy a day at Hatton and this visit was no exception! Our friend Detta came along with me and the kids to explore and have fun.… Continue Reading “Great Summer Adventures at Hatton Adventure World”

Meet and Tweet - Rosie and Raggles

Meet and Tweet at CBeebies Land, Alton Towers

We were invited to go along to Alton Towers on Saturday for the Cbeebies Land “Meet and Tweet” event, to meet Rosie & Raggles from Everything’s Rosie. The theme park are running the event throughout the summer, with different characters from some of the best CBeebies shows.… Continue Reading “Meet and Tweet at CBeebies Land, Alton Towers”

Georgie & Lydia

To my Daughters’ imaginary friends

Thank you. Abby, who has stuck with us for years now; a loyal friend, always there when Georgie needs you. Junior, a relatively recent addition to our extended family, giving Lydia a friend of her own. Abby’s little brother, we have been informed. Always here when our girls need playmates, conjured up by active imaginations and stars of so many games. Sleepovers, drawings, role play,… Continue Reading “To my Daughters’ imaginary friends”

Sense & Sensibility at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Sense & Sensibility at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Last night James and I went to watch Sense & Sensibility performed by the Chapterhouse Theatre Company, as guests of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens which are hosting several outdoor theatre performances this summer. I am a huge Jane Austen fan – with my daughter’s names robbed from Pride & Prejudice how could I resist going to see a performance of another of her brilliant novels.… Continue Reading “Sense & Sensibility at Birmingham Botanical Gardens”

Panasonic SC-RB5 Bluetooth Speaker review

Giveaway: Panasonic SC-RB5 bluetooth speaker

I recently reviewed the Panasonic SC-RB5 bluetooth speaker and I’m pleased to announce I have a second one here waiting to be won by a lucky reader! The SC-RB5 is a lovely little speaker that uses vibrations to amplify the sound, and is splash proof making it perfect for using in the garden. It is small, cute, and perfect for long summer days full of… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Panasonic SC-RB5 bluetooth speaker”