2013: The moments that mattered

The lovely folks at Lloyds Bank are providing an iPad Mini as the prize of an exciting giveaway over at Emma and 3. All bloggers have to do to enter is post about the moments that really mattered in 2013. Here are my top 3 moments from last year:

Lydia was born!

Unsurprisingly, one of my favourite moments of the year was the birth of our second daughter, Lydia. On Feburary 27th, after a long & difficult labour resulting in a drip induction, I gave birth naturally to Lydia and had a lovely few moments of cuddles before it all went a bit mad.

Shortly after she was born, I had a major primary postpartum haemorrhage, and Lydia was whisked away into James’ arms whilst teams of people worked over me for an hour, to stop the bleeding as fast as possible. I am so grateful to the NHS and to the many drugs and people who basically saved my life that day. The wonders of modern medicine, if I was in one of the historical romances I read on occasion I could have been one of those ill-fated mothers who “died in childbirth, poor thing.”


Lydia and I got our skin to skin and first feed after the danger was over, and although I look as pale as a ghost in all the photos following her birth, it was an incredibly magical moment! Thankfully I managed to avoid needing a blood transfusion, by taking on lots and lots of fluids via IV, and promising to down iron tablets for weeks.

The day after her birth, James and his Mum brought Georgie in to meet her baby sister, and that was pretty amazing too.

Mum was discharged from the breast care centre

In 2008, my Mum was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. To say I was terrified would be an understatement. My Mum is one of the most amazing people I know, and one of the most important people in my life, and suddenly I was so very scared that I was going to lose her.


Within weeks of her initial diagnosis, Mum had several surgeries and began chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy. Thankfully, all of the hellish treatments resulted in the all important cancer-free result, and last year she was discharged from the amazing Mermaid breast care centre. Just last week, Mum was also discharged from the Oncology centre also, and told that she can come off the drugs she has been taking for the last 5 years.

I may be 28, but I am still Mum’s youngest child, and her little girl. I still get a bit teary talking about Mum’s cancer, and so the news of her discharge from the Mermaid Centre was a very welcome moment indeed.

My big brother got married

Since my older brother Michael met his wife Katie, he has been a changed man. She has definitely brought out the best in him and it is lovely to see him being a loving and caring boyfriend, then fiancé, and now husband to her.

In September I was very honoured to be one of their witnesses at their wedding. It was a lovely ceremony, with Katie in an amazing dress, and my big brother on cloud 9 to be marrying her. Georgie spent the evening reception running about and playing with Katie’s goddaughter, which was very sweet.


I was delighted to welcome Katie into our family as my new sister, and the whole day was really fantastic. So well organised, fabulously put together and full of sweet little touches for everyone to enjoy. They had Lego Minifigures for wedding favours!

I am going to become an Auntie again in the Spring, when Michael & Katie have their first baby – I am so excited! I think meeting my first Nephew is going to be one of the moments that matter this year.

Did you have any moments that mattered in 2013?

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6 thoughts on “2013: The moments that mattered

    1. 2013 was a bit insane – we also moved house twice and seemed to go all over the place! I’m quite enjoying a bit of a break while we wait for our house purchase to come through, apart from the temporary lack of husband that is!

  1. what a lovely set of photo’s and what a year. I agree about the NHS they have needed to operate and patch my kids up so much I do realise just how lucky we are.

    1. Thank you – it was a really really mad year! The NHS have done so much for my family in the last few years, we are so grateful to them!

  2. Gosh, I never realised how similar our years were. It was definitely a memorable year. Wishing you health and happiness into 2014 xx #momentsthatmattered

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