A little life update

House Move

Things are finally taking shape and I think we are nearly ready to go! Almost everything is in boxes and we don’t have loads left to do anymore, so my stress levels are starting to level out, thankfully. Saturday was an incredibly productive day, with Georgie out of the house for a day with Detta meaning that we were able to really get on with things.

Lydia and a big pile of boxes!
Lydia and a big pile of boxes!

Yesterday we tackled our room and James did some boxing up in the kitchen – we just have handful of things left to sort in our room now, and our clothes to throw in bags. We dismantled the bed to make it easier on ourselves later in the week – it’s very strange sleeping on the mattress at floor level! Georgie finds the whole thing very amusing and had a great time bouncing around on the mattress.

I’m really looking forward to getting the keys on Wednesday now, and our first night in the new house on Thursday. Not looking forward to having very limited internet access for 5 days though – it’s not good for a geek to feel disconnected!


Little Lydia is doing really well, she is a happy smiley little thing and generally a pleasure to look after! She is sleeping from around 10 or 11pm till about 7am, which I am pleased with! Once she has had her first breakfast she quite often goes back to sleep for around an hour, until second breakfast.

She weighs just over 6kg now, which I am pleased with – she is putting on weight at a nice steady pace.

Cuddles on the play gym
Cuddles on the play gym

We are still exclusively breastfeeding and I’m pleased to report it’s going well still – Lydia is quite a greedy little monster though and she likes to have good long feeds. She spits up at the end of feeds more than Georgie used to – not really enough to class it as being sick, but enough for me to say she tends to overeat!

It amazes me how different she is to how Georgie was at this age – she feels so much more solid and is incredibly cuddly. She loves any sort of attention, and beams at you whenever you change her nappy, cuddle her, or talk to her.


Georgie is developing into a loveable & mischievous little scamp, and amazes us every day at the moment. Her talking has come on in leaps & bounds and she chatters away with new words coming faster than we can keep track of. She is getting more independent than ever, and her initial tendency to be shy is passing – they were commenting at playgroup last week (our last one!!) that she seems more outgoing than she used to be.

I actually had Georgie weighed at the health visitor’s a few weeks ago (for the first time in a year!) and she is up to just over 11kg now – less than twice the weight of her baby sister! She is such a slim thing, but really quite tall. Whenever she isn’t busy growing teeth she eats like a horse, so I’m not worried about her weight at all.

Georgie making use of a box as a reading chair!
Georgie making use of a box as a reading chair!

Georgie absolutely adores Lydia and dotes on her completely. If we have any problem with our little sisters it is that their mutual adoration is sometimes a bit too enthusiastically demonstrated on Georgie’s side of things! She tries her best to be gentle with Lydia but some of her squeezes can be a bit much, and she keeps trying to pull her onto her lap for cuddles. Very cute but not too much fun for Lydia… although she loves her big sister so much she just smiles even when being tugged about, bless her.

We are hoping that Georgie will take this house move in her stride – we are only going to be a 30 minute journey on public transport from where we live now, so I will be bringing the girls up to meet up with friends at soft play etc, sometimes. We will be very close to the local children’s centre, so I’m hoping that we will all make some good friends after the move.

Right then, we’re off to the soft play centre this morning for some fun with friends before more packing later!