A morning with Mya!

This morning I got to enjoy the wonderful thing that is baby cuddles! My friend Gayle visited with her 3 month old baby girl Mya, who is a gorgeous little bundle of adorableness.

I got a little bit of a break from being the centre of Georgie’s attention, as she was distracted by showing Gayle her toys and trying to give Mya various things. My favourite moment was Georgie digging out her sunglasses and getting Gayle to put them on Mya – so cute!

As well as enjoying some baby cuddles it was really nice to see another adult that isn’t my husband! What with the weather being awful and me being ill, I’ve hardly seen anyone recently, so it felt like a real treat to have a good natter. Another friend was due to visit a week or so ago but I didn’t want to pass on my norovirus just for the sake of some adult conversation, so ended up cancelling!

It’s amazing what you appreciate when you’ve been house bound for weeks. It was fabulous getting to see Mya again, and I swear if I didn’t have one practically cooked in my oven already I would have been incredibly broody by the time they left! That baby is one cutie pie 🙂

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