A new look for Mama Geek

It’s been over a year since I started this blog, and it’s about time that it had a facelift! When I started Mama Geek I didn’t do much more than basic customisation of the default twenty eleven theme, and have been messing about tweaking it when the mood strikes me ever since.


My old look will be vaguely familiar to a lot of people – there are an awful lot of blogs out there with the twenty eleven theme, and I really didn’t change much for my site. Instead of sticking with this generic layout, I wanted to build something new from the ground up; something completely unique to my blog.

Today I am launching Mama Geek V2 – my new custom theme! I based it on the starkers theme which provides a great starting point when you want to design a new theme from scratch. I wanted it to be personal to me, and fun yet functional. I’m quite pleased with it, even if I do say so myself!


Confession time: I actually started making this theme way back in October/November, and my layout sketches date even further back than that. Life, pregnancy, work and Christmas all got in the way a bit, but it’s finally finished! I was determined to launch it before the new baby is here.

As well as a completely new layout, I have added a few new pages to the blog:

  • Breastfeeding Help – I’m a breastfeeding buddy & so I wanted a place to share my favourite breastfeeding resources and give my readers a place to ask for confidential advice!
  • Giveaways – an index of all my giveaways, past and present – including their closing dates! This is automatically updated so will always display up-to-date info 🙂
  • Archives – I’ve updated my archives page to make it easy to find my most commented posts, view posts by category, month, tag – if you’re looking for something particular on my blog this is the place to go!

There are some fun custom widgets too – my Latest Photos widget shows my latest instagram photos as well as image posts from the blog, and the Latest Reviews widget shows the last five reviews complete with our rating out of 5 stars.

I hope you all approve!

4 thoughts on “A new look for Mama Geek

  1. I like the look but it doesn’t work well on my tablet, have to scroll left and right just to read……

    1. I know, it could do with being a bit more responsive for little screens. It looks ok on the iPads which is all we have in the house to test it on.

      There is a mobile site for smartphones but teeny tablets don’t get redirected to it. It’s on my to-do list but “having a baby” is above it in priority lol!

      1. Teeny tablet indeed, I’ll have you know it is perfectly sized!
        I suppose growing my new niece / nephew might be a priority 😀

  2. Looks good! Well done- I might one day learn how to customise a theme and fancy up my pages! A bit of blog envy is a good motivator! ;o)
    PS works fine on my phone.

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