A snowy outing

I am finally feeling more like a human being today after being ill all week, and so we decided we couldn’t miss out on a chance to take Georgie out for a walk in the snow while it was (relatively) nice weather.

James, in his current role of over-protective & very bossy husband, decided that it was safer for us to drive to a local country park instead of walking to one of the local parks. The logic being that the pavements in our local area resemble ice rinks and he is a bit concerned about his pregnant wife falling over. To be fair to him, the snow at the country park was full of untouched non-slippy snow and was easy enough to walk on wade through without risk of falling over. So, yea, ok, I admit it… he was right.

I do have a history of being rather clumsy, after all… During my last pregnancy I actually managed to fall out of our house, down a big step, ending up at triage, who wanted to send me to A&E afterwards to deal with the blood dripping all down my leg (and onto their floor, oops). I think back to the panic-filled drive to hospital and forgive my husband for his alpha male protectiveness. I’m banned from leaving the house on my own (and Georgie doesn’t count!) until the icy weather clears up.

This morning’s outing was short but fun. It was great to see Georgie walk on snow and really take notice of it for the first time. She was intrigued, and enjoyed herself. It didn’t take long for her to get too cold and so we weren’t there for long… but given how tired I still am and achy with SPD, I wasn’t complaining about heading home so soon!

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12 thoughts on “A snowy outing

    1. Hehe Homily was less than impressed when we got to the deepest bit and she discovered it was up to her chin! She was bouncing along happily before that though. It was good for us all to get some fresh air 🙂

  1. looks lovely in all that untouched snow, I agree with your hubby sometimes it is safer to go straight to a field full of grassy snow than try t navigate on icy pavements, glad you all had fun!

    1. Thanks – the snow was lovely to walk on even though it was really deep in places! I sank to about 3 or 4 inches above my boots at one point, oops

  2. Fab photos! What fun! Boo to the SPD though – I had that in my last pregnancy and it was terrible. Can’t be much fun in the snow with it.

    1. Thanks! We had a good time, even though we weren’t out for long. Was just good to get out the house for a bit! I’ve paid for my morning exercise by being super achy every time I’ve moved for the rest of the day!

    1. Yea, definitely – apart from losing your footing through not being sure how deep each bit of snow was it was almost impossible to slip over! It was lovely to see so many people enjoying what was obviously a great sledging hill – I can’t wait to go back there when our kids are old enough!

  3. If your pavements are anything like ours then your husband is very sensible, ours are so treacherous that we’ve only managed one short walk down the street so far this week! It looks like you and your little one enjoyed your walk (another member of the red Regatta snowsuit brigade!)

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