Being a mum to two under two


On Wednesday, Lydia will be month old. Four whole weeks will have passed since her birth date, and I will have been Mama to two little girls under two years old for a month. It seems like time is flying past so quickly.

So far, sleep deprivation aside, I am loving it! Lydia is so similar to how Georgie was in the early days, and I know I am lucky to have an “easy baby”. She is feeding well, putting on weight, sleeping a lot, and seems to be a remarkably patient baby which is great when I am needing to deal with sorting something out for Georgiana.

I am completely in love with my baby girl, and cherishing every moment as best I can. There is nothing quite like a newborn baby curled up asleep on your chest! I know from experience that this stage doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to, so I am enjoying it while I can. The atmosphere in our house these days is, on the whole, a relaxed, happy, and loving one.

As far as sleep is concerned, apart from the odd bad night, I think Lydia has been great. Georgie’s bedtime is around 9pm (she still sleeps all afternoon!) and James, Lydia & I head upstairs a few hours later. I spend the evenings feeding her in between naps, and then she usually seems to be going down in her crib around midnight, sleeping for a solid 3 hours or so, then waking for a nappy change (or two, or three!) and feed, and then sleeping for another 3 hours. Another change and feed after this can get us another hour or two of sleep in her crib, but this usually depends on whether Georgie is around or not yet, and how well she has slept in the night.

Georgie’s reaction to being a big sister is just amazing to witness; she is a protective, concerned & loving big sister to her “Lulu”. If Lydia is crying Georgie makes sure I know about it, and goes over to give her a kiss and a cuddle to try to make her feel better. She fetches muslin cloths, the breastfeeding cushion, remote control, etc etc for me while I am dealing with Lydia, and loves to “help” with nappy changes by passing me things or dabbing blotches of Bepanthen nappy cream randomly onto Lydia’s legs!

The first thing Georgie does when she wakes up is to check on her baby sister, and she keeps an eye on her throughout the day, including pulling the edge of the fabric of my wrap sling aside to peer in at her whenever I am babywearing. Demands Requests for cuddles with her sister are frequent and she is not happy if the cuddle is ended before she decides it is finished! Watching Georgie with Lydia is making me love her even more, if that is even possible.

I don’t know for sure yet if my family is complete with two children or whether I want a third child as I have always dreamed of, but things feel pretty much perfect right now. Our little Lydia is so worth the late night feeds and the seemingly endless nappy changes (seriously, this baby can poop for England), and Georgie is being absolutely amazing. I feel like the luckiest Mum in the world.

5 thoughts on “Being a mum to two under two

  1. Ahhhh what a lovely post. Glad you are all doing so well.
    Can’t wait for my new baby to arrive and meet her big sister, any
    day now! Nice to hear the positives of being a mum to 2 under 2 I
    keep just getting warnings haha. By the way, you convinced me on
    the Picasso, we get it this week (baby permitting!) L x

  2. What a lovely post. Glad to see you are all so happy and
    doing so well! Makes me so excited for my new baby to meet her big
    sister (17 months), any day now for us. By the way – thanks again
    for the car advice. We went for a Picasso and should get it this
    week (baby permitting!) L x

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