Big Train, Baby Train, and Father Christmas!

On Monday we took the girls to meet Father Christmas, and much to Georgie’s approval, his grotto was located on a steam train! We headed to the Bodmin & Wenford Railway to catch one of their “Santa by Steam” trains, and we weren’t disappointed.

Georgie was delighted to go for a train ride behind a Big Train, was amazed by all the Christmas decorations, and completely wowed by the walk down the train to visit Santa in his grotto… while the train was still moving, too! Lydia really enjoyed everything as well, sitting or standing on the table or on people’s laps, and staring out of the window at the rather wet passing scenery.

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All of us adults were impressed by the morning out too; the decorations were the opposite of skimpy, the organisation superb, and the time we spent with Father Christmas was great. He was friendly and fab with both girls, and guessed Georgie’s age to within a few months – impressive stuff.

The gifts they were both given were perfect too, and it was lovely that Lydia was given a present despite babies under 1 being free. Georgie got a soft toy dinosaur, three dinosaur bath toys, and a Panda book. Nothing too girly about those gifts, and she has been playing with her new dinosaurs all week – definitely a success there. It was a lovely morning.


On Christmas Eve, we were crossing our fingers for a break in the rotten weather so that we could head over to Coombe Mill for their Santa train – thankfully the clouds parted and although it was very cold the weather stayed dry during the crucial time! Coombe Mill is a fabulous family farm holiday place in North Cornwall, about 20 minutes from my parents’ house where the girls & I are living for the time being.

It was really kind of Fiona to invite us over for Georgie to ride the “Baby Train” she loved so much in the summer when we popped over, and for their Farmer Santa to give her two little gifts too. Even the Homily dog had a ride around the track at Georgie’s feet, and trip into Santa’s train tunnel/engine house grotto.

For our train-mad toddler, these two days in the Christmas lead-up were very exciting ones, and certainly gave us lovely memories for us all to treasure.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

20 thoughts on “Big Train, Baby Train, and Father Christmas!

    1. The steam train was great fun, it’s a shame the weather was so dire but the kids loved it despite the view being a bit dismal! Georgie is a big train fan so it was great to see her enjoying herself so much

    1. Yes, it was great fun, and Georgie thought walking down the moving train to visit Santa in his train was ever so exciting! She was calling the conductor the “fat controller” bless her 😀

    1. Georgie had loads of fun, and Lydia enjoyed the outing too! I was impressed with how great the decorations & grotto etc were. The staff were really friendly too.

  1. Friends of our’s also visited the Santa Train at Bodmin with their Grandchildren and said what a lovely experience it was. It was lovely to see you at Coombe for the train ride and I’m glad that both Georgie and the Homily dog enjoyed the train ride and pressies. Such sweet photos of both the girls having fun, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. The Santa by Steam event at Bodmin was really fantastic – I would definitely say you could recommend it to visitors in the future! The kids adored every minute, and it was well organised, with friendly staff and good decorations.

      Thanks so much for inviting us over for the Santa Train, Georgie really enjoyed it despite the serious “taking it all in” face in the photos! When we got home she couldn’t wait to tell my mum all about it and open her “presents on Grandma’s lap”

  2. Your kids look like they’ve enjoyed it so much. Lovely! The Santa Train ride looked amazing – my three year old would’ve loved that! 🙂 #CountryKids

    1. They were great fun, and the girls enjoyed every minute! Coombe Mill is lovely, my parents live nearby so we pop over to say hi and visit the animals when we are down 🙂

  3. Looks like you are really enjoying your time down south, hope all is going well. The first train looks fab, and what great toys! I’m so jealous you got to go on Fiona’s train too.

    1. This week has been fab, with Christmas build up, the day itself, new toys & then James’s birthday. The kids are loving it here and despite this weeks excitement they have established a great routine which is helping lots.

      Fiona’s little train is so cute, Georgie thinks it’s great! She loves all the animals and play areas they have there too, it’s kind of her to let us go over and roam around whenever we are down – we got to see the piglets this year which Georgie adored! 🙂

  4. Sounds like mass fun was had all round on big and small train rides glad the kids enjoyed the Santa on the big train experience that sounded like a real special treat. Popping over from #countrykids

    1. Thanks for coming over & commenting! We are a train loving family so both days were great fun. The Bodmin Santa by Steam was absolutely magical 🙂

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