Breastfeeding support from an unexpected source

The age gap between my girls is about 22 months, so Georgie turned two just a few months after Lydia was born. At almost four months Lydia is still exclusively breastfeeding, and so I spend a lot of time snuggled up on the sofa with my baby girl while my eldest plays with her toys and snuggles up next to us to read books.

It is lovely that Georgie doesn’t seem to resent the time I spent feeding Lydia, in fact she has been an unexpected source of breastfeeding support for me! She is so caring about her little sister & likes to ensure that she is happy. When I need to feed Lydia I just have to let her know & she will climb down off my lap to make room for her little sister.

Once I have picked Lydia up for a pre-feed cuddle my little helper finds & fetches the nursing cushion for me. As soon as Lydia is latched on Georgie declares happily “Luh-Luh, milk!” and checks to see if her little sister is feeding ok.

Georgie entertaining Lydia - she takes her big sister duties very seriously!
Georgie entertaining Lydia – she takes her big sister duties very seriously!

Next on her checklist is making sure Mummy has her phone, so that is hunted out & delivered. Occasionally purposely (and often accidentally!) things like the remote or my drink will be out of my reach so my little helper self importantly fetches & delivers whichever item silly Mummy forgot to grab before sitting down.

Duties complete, Georgie will then resume playing, often joining us on the sofa to cuddle & read. Periodic checks are performed to see if Lydia is still feeding happily, and kisses bestowed upon her little sister’s head.

As soon as Lydia has finished feeding and has been lifted into my arms for a cuddle or to be moved into her bouncy chair for a nap the nursing cushion is whisked away & Georgie scrambles onto my lap for her cuddle, often trying to cuddle both of us at once, and the ceremony is complete… Until the next time Lydia asks for a feed!

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19 thoughts on “Breastfeeding support from an unexpected source

  1. That’s so lovely. I hope that my little one will be as loving and helpful towards her sibling when he or she arrives in November.
    My top supporter has been my husband, in addition to my mum and my best friend.

  2. Great ideas I worry about having the time to bf a 2nd baby as my boy was a hungry Horace and fed for up to an hour at a time 🙂 x

  3. How lovely, my daugther was 2 and half when her brother was born and was always very attentive during feeds. I have a video somewhere of her explaining that all babies need is mummy milk.
    My biggest supporter is my OH who saw me through the early nights with baby no 1 when we struggled with latch issues, and ended up referred back to the hospital for a feeding plan which involved a very difficult schedule of expressing and topping up. he also understands how important breastfeeding is for both mine and our childrens health.
    But I also have a community of women friends who have breastfed/are breastfeeding and its their support that gets me through the ups and downs.

  4. My supporters are my boyfriend and the pink ladies 🙂 dont no what i would have done without them

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