Raa Raa the Noisy Lion has lost his spot at Georgie’s favourite tv show. He is still a big favourite, don’t get me wrong, and she loves her knitted Raa Raa, books and toys very much indeed, but he is no longer the first thing she asks for when she wants to cuddle up with Mummy and watch some tv (or have something to watch while she puts her entire duplo collection on the tv unit, which is apparently where it lives now). He’s still up there in the top five along with Charley Bear and Show Me Show Me, but he has definitely relinquished the number one spot!

Nowadays, we’re more likely to have a TV remote given to thrown at us with a loud request for “Choo-Choo!!”, which means that she would like to hear Ringo Starr telling her all about the adventures happening on the Isle of Sodor… that’s right, our little girl has discovered Thomas the Tank Engine!

I can tell you one thing, after looking up the price on amazon for the box set, we’re thankful that the entire collection is on netflix. Even at £5.99 a month it would take over a years worth of subscription fees to pay for the DVDs, which are currently listed at £79.99!

James is (not so) secretly delighted that Georgie is displaying a new love of trains, as he has a big soft spot for them himself. We bought her a big soft toy James engine for her birthday last year and since she discovered the tv show she has been pulling him down from the shelf into her bed to sleep with. The timing is perfect too, as we plan to use the Christmas money from her Grandfather to buy her some Bigjigs Rail stuff to go with the bargain track & train table we picked up from ebay a few months ago.

Thomas And Friends – Engine Single Duvet

The official wooden Thomas trains are a bit of a rip off though, so we’re going to skip them in favour of something like this passenger train from the Bigjigs Rail product line. This duvet set is quite tempting for her new bed though – we only bought two sets of bedding when we got the bed and we’re bound to need more… aren’t we?