Comic Relief: Just £5 can save lives

Red Nose Day 2013

As I’m sure everyone already knows, it’s Red Nose Day today. Kids have been sent to school wearing red, a huge selection of celebrities have donated their time to entertain us this evening, and thousands of people will be reaching for their tissues later as they watch the hard-hitting videos of people in need in the UK & Africa.

I want to share a particular video with you this evening, because this was me a few weeks ago. Since I haemorrhaged after giving birth to Lydia, I have been in complete awe of the team at the hospital, and just so incredibly grateful for the wonder that is the NHS and modern medicine.

Please watch this video. It tells the tale of another woman who experienced severe bleeding after giving birth…

This woman was saved by the staff at the hospital, but if she had given birth at home it is certain that she would have died. Postpartum haemorrhaging is responsible for more than half a million deaths per year, the majority of which are in third world countries.

Comic Relief are educating women in Africa about the importance of giving birth in hospitals, surrounded by people who can help with complications such as postpartum haemorrhaging. It just costs £5 to educate a group of women, and it saves lives. So, I’m asking you for just one more thing…

Please text YES to 70005 to donate £5 to Comic Relief and help save lives.

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