Delivery from Santa: A look in Georgie’s stocking, at 2 & a half years

This year I want to get Christmas organised early. We have a lot to sort out before the big day and I want to get the stress of present buying, particularly for the kids, out of the way asap. One night last month I couldn’t sleep, and so I did the Christmas shopping instead!

I firmly believe that stocking fillers should FIT inside stockings. If you’re browsing online shops you come across a million and one “stocking fillers” that are absolutely huge! No wonder half the shops are selling “Santa Sacks” as well. We don’t have a lot of money to throw about at the moment either, so I wanted to be fairly careful with my spending this Christmas.

Georgie doesn’t really need much, after all. As a 2 and a half year old toddler, she doesn’t really need a lot of stuff to keep her happy. Just lots of fun!

This is what Georgiana is going to find when she delves into her stocking on Christmas morning…

Stocking ideas for a 2 year old

Peppa Pig Deluxe Stationery – £1.50

Gruffalo Amazing Facecloth – £1.99

Animal Spinning Top – £0.50

Paper Projects Peppa Pig 3D Lentuicular Stickers – £2.00

Rocket Engine – £8.99

Toadstool Kaleidoscope – £1.99

Nesting Eggs – £3.75 (£5.00 before discount)

Rainbow Heart Jewellery Set – £3.99

Tomy Aquadoodle Peppa Pig Mini Mats – £5.00 (set of 3)

Minnie Mouse modelling dough & stamper (bought from local home & bargain shop) – 99p

HappyLand Surprise Bag – £1.50 (£2.00 before discount)

Wooden Bird Whistle – £1.49 (set of 3)

Thomas and Friends 3D and Lenticular Stickers – £2.00

Total spend = £35.69

(plus a small amount on postage)

Georgie's Stocking

I am pleased with what I’ve managed to achieve for a limited budget. Georgie is going to have a variety of useful, fun, creative and silly presents from Father Christmas, and should be kept happily occupied on Christmas morning! I managed to get some good deals on some of these bits, and I think I’ve got good value for money.

What are you putting in your toddler’s stocking this Christmas?

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  1. Loved seeing what you had bought. I like the HappyLand surprise bag, hope we find a gold one! I’ve bought my 3 yo some of those spinning tops too. I’ve got some fiddle toys and some little finger puppets so far too. Stickers is always a good one and mini books. Sam x

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