Didn’t you know? Books are for piling!

Georgie has become a little bit obsessed with piling books lately. She still enjoys reading them, but is really into piling her books too.

As we have been working on her little library for over two years now, she has quite a few books to pile up. Piles can get to pretty epic proportions, and she gets incredibly upset when they fall over. Unfortunately, she has some slight engineering problems with her piles sometimes, and so on the odd occasion parental intervention is required when her back is turned – a bit of readjustment here or there to help stabilise things.

Whenever a pile falls over there are lots of tears and cries of “Pile! Pile!” until the books are re-stacked into their teetering pile. As soon as they are back into place, the tears are over and our happy smiley toddler returns to us. It doesn’t help that she often chooses very strange foundations for her piles; the arm of the sofa and her dolly moses basket are popular choices.

By the way, we’re not actually allowed to read any of these books. Pick one up from the top of the pile and start reading, and you get in trouble. The book is removed from your grasp, firmly closed, and returned to it’s stack.

Sometimes, Georgie even lets us help build piles. James managed to build a very impressive one on top of the leapfrog play table this week, although the collapse of that one caused an equally impressive toddler tantrum display!

Here are some of Georgie’s recent piles…

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    1. Thanks for commenting! Georgie LOVES her books (just like me). She has even more in her bedroom (in another pile, of course)

    1. Hehe me too, even though I cut her head off! It was a “right, down to business, where are the other books” sort of moment 😉

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