Embracing my freedom!

Thanks to a fairly swift recovery from the drama surrounding Lydia’s birth, we have been fairly busy since she was born.

Because I was suffering badly with SPD before the birth, to the point where walking 5 minutes to the park seemed like a monumental challenge, I wasn’t getting out and about much in the last few months of my pregnancy. The pain of walking about combined with the risks of a klutz like me walking about on the ice & snow left me pretty much confined to the house for weeks on end.

Once Lydia arrived and my hips & pelvis were back to normal (after a few days at any rate), I was eager to get out of the house that had seemed like my prison for so long. I experienced some light headedness and dizziness for the first week or so after the birth thanks to losing so much blood, but I have been taking absolutely LOADS of iron tablets and drinking plenty so I’m feeling much better now.

As I spent so long faffing about in early labour, with the induction procedure, and being kept in hospital after the birth, we only had just over a week of James’s paternity leave left once Lydia and I were home. We decided to make the most of it, and spent the second week out  and about a lot, which both Georgie and I enjoyed very much indeed!

The first day we left the house was just an easy walk up to our local Sainsbury’s where we did a top up shop and rewarded ourselves with a rather nice lunch in the cafe. I was feeling good but sore still, so we were careful not to do too much too soon, despite the fact I was chomping at the bit to get out of the house!

We also spent a day in Birmingham City Centre, which is something I haven’t done for months & months. There was a bit of retail therapy, some drooling over adorable baby clothes in GAP, Mothercare & Next, and some more drooling over the gadgets in the Apple store! We had a lovely long lunch at the pub too. Mmmm, steak…

Registering Lydia
Registering Lydia

One very important trip out, of course, was to go and register Lydia’s birth… I’m pleased to announce that Lydia Elizabeth Corkhill now legally exists!

Despite the foul weather, we even managed to take Homily and the girls up to Lickey Hills Country Park for a very very quick walk followed by a leisurely meal at one of our old favourite pubs, and then a trip to Co-operative Web to introduce Lydia to her Daddy’s colleagues!

Gayle & Mya
Gayle & Mya

Various friends have popped by to meet Lydia over the last few weeks as well, and I’ve enjoyed being able to move around a lot more easily to do housework and play with Georgie – between snuggling up with my newborn on the sofa and lots of lovely long breastfeeds, of course!

On Mother’s Day we headed to Shrewsbury, and in the week since while James has been back at work I’ve had lunch with my friend Gayle and her adorable baby Mya (again, at our remarkably good local Sainsbury’s cafe), and been to the local children’s centre for our regular toddler group.

I think tomorrow will definitely have to be a lazy day at home after we have tackled the weekly big food shop and been visited by my Mother-in-Law today. After such a busy few weeks I think I could do with a day off, with James home to help out with the girls!

The girls & their Granny
The girls & their Granny

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