Georgie is in love with her new garden!

One of our main reasons for moving was so that Georgie would have a safer, more enjoyable garden to play in. At our last house, we had a multi-level crazy paving monstrosity, which was just one big (well, small to medium-sized) trip hazard. The walls were poorly built making them unstable, and it was very shaded and not a great outside area.

At our new house we have a triangular-shaped lawn, and a nice big rectangular patio. There is a bit of a slope to the lawn, with one bit being steeper than the rest. It’s a slightly odd garden but definitely big enough for a toddler to run around in, which she proved conclusively yesterday!

Despite having plenty of unpacking and furniture sorting to do, I couldn’t resist spending such a sunny day outside in the garden. I feel like it’s all been go go go since Lydia was born and it feels great to slow things down and take a break! We have now set up all of Georgie’s play equipment out in the garden and she was delighted with it.

Over the last few years we have accumulated various toys for the kids to play on outside & now have a TP swing, Garden Games wooden see saw (read our review here), Asda turtle sandpit, her beloved princess tent (review here – it’s still going strong despite a LOT of abuse!), the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe she got for her birthday, a Little Tikes rocking horse & the cheapo toys r us water table we bought during the one scorching week we had last summer! Quite a few of these have been gifts from generous relatives, so thank you very much if you read this – she definitely enjoyed them all yesterday!

Hilariously, she decided that the steeper bit of the sloped garden was a slide, and was bumping down it on her bum singing out “whee whee whee slide!” I promptly dismantled a box to make a large piece of cardboard and laid it out for her to slide on, which she loved. There was head first bombing down it, rolling down, sliding on her back – she just kept going and going.

It’s also amazing how nice it is to have a properly laid patio! Don’t ever underestimate the values of a nice flat surface when watching your toddler run around at high-speed… she used to trip over so much when she tried to run at the old house. I was so much more relaxed sitting outside with the kids than I used to be – I must have always been on edge waiting for the inevitable crash!

For some reason, Georgie also decided to take off her clothes, nappy and shoes and run around butt naked for a while. She particularly liked sitting in her sandpit naked. Our patio is starting to resemble a small beach, as her favourite thing to do with the sandpit is move sand around a lot. Mostly out of the sandpit. Kids are great, aren’t they?!

Lydia and I chilled out on a blanket, armed with a breastfeeding cushion and nappy changing supplies, while Georgie had a whale of a time running about and playing. I even managed to read my kindle for a while!

I’m looking forward to more fun in the garden this summer, I’m so pleased we moved early enough in the year to really enjoy it.

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  1. I love how Georgie is using the slope!

    How does the lawn mower cope with a triangular lawn? (Asking as the owner of a brand new lawn who hasn’t bought a lawn mower yet)

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