Georgie & Ooo Ooo explore Coombe Mill

We are currently staying with my parents in North Cornwall, and have been having a fab week so far – we had some lovely weather over the bank holiday weekend and spent both Sunday and Monday afternoons at the beach with the whole family having lots of fun.

Yesterday, tired out from two very busy days, we “chilled out” at Mum & Dads before popping over to Coombe Mill to see the brand new piglets and to ride on the “baby train” as Georgie named it. On a side note, it was the strangest chilling out I’ve ever seen, with all of us (including Georgie!) all chipping in to help dad sort and stack the new delivery of wood.

We’ve visited Coombe Mill before, as it’s just 20 minutes drive from my parents, and as Georgie enjoyed it so much we knew we had to go back again to see the brand new baby pigs and, of course, time our visit to coincide with the train timetable! The first time we visited, Georgie was teething badly, very tired and grumpy, and although she enjoyed it the visit wasn’t a complete success.

Today, it couldn’t have been any more different, as we wandered around looking at all the animals and playing on the pirate ship adventure playground, before having three goes on the train. Georgie really loved it, and had a great time exploring with her new knitted-with-love-by-Grandma Ooo Ooo toy cuddled to her side. Lydia was in the sling with James, and even Homily came with us, safely on her lead.

Georgie hunted for feathers, stroked the donkeys, said hello to “Mummy pig” and “baby pigs” who were having their “baby pig milk”, and splashed joyfully through the ford in her brand new welly boots. Homily had to be dragged through, wuss of a dog!

The train was, of course, a very big hit. Georgie went around three times, and Lydia went round twice on her Daddy’s lap. By the third trip around, Georgie was pointing out the sheep that you can see from the track, and she definitely enjoyed every minute of her adventure at Coombe Mill. I took loads of photos of Georgie & Ooo Ooo exploring, so take a look…

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

4 thoughts on “Georgie & Ooo Ooo explore Coombe Mill

  1. Now that is alot of pictures. It is only when I see Coombe Mill from someone else’s perspective that I realize how much we have here. So pleased you stopped by and that Georgie enjoyed it so much. Make the most of your week in Cornwall and we’ll see you next time! x

    1. Thanks for letting us come & explore! Georgie really loves it there – it’s such a magical place to a two year old, especially with the brand new piglets & the train! She was telling her Grandma everything she saw at the farm when we got back 🙂

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