Georgie’s Big Girl Bed!

After my diagnosis of complete placenta praevia at my 20 week scan on Monday, James and I set about working out the best way to ensure that I am a good girl and follow the doctors orders of ‘pelvic rest’ to minimise bleeding problems. Since I bled repeatedly with my previous pregnancy, which was only partial pp, the consultant gave me a nice list of things I’m not allowed to do. This list included lifting anything lighter than a cup of coffee (that might be a slight exaggeration) and that means avoiding picking up our little girl as much as possible!

Georgie is a little monkey so getting up and down the stairs isn’t going to be a problem; she’s been confidently tackling those for a while now. However, the main deal would have been lifting her in and out of the cot in the mornings and afternoons while James is at work. Because of the impending arrival of Squidge we planned to get Georgie into a bed sometime before Christmas, so we just moved the date up a few weeks and picked it up for her this week instead! We’d already chosen the Kritter bed at Ikea so it was just a case of going over and buying it, then heading to Asda to pick out some bedding. Easy peasy, and we got to eat Ikea meatballs too – always a bonus.

Georgie’s new Ikea toddler bed

Yesterday was Georgie’s first day with the new bed and she seemed excited about the new addition to her room – she is a little monkey and was soon climbing happily on and off it to get to her books. Naptime was a little bit stressful as she jumped out as soon as I left, had a play and then got upset and waited by the door for me. After I came back, we had a little lie down and she seemed to figure out it was for sleeping on. I left the room again and although she tried to follow me out she quickly went back to the bed, a foam shape from her play mat in each hand, and lay down for her nap super quick.

Naptime adventures

Rather adorably, upon being disturbed mid nap by the builders across the road, Georgie had a little whine, climbed out of bed with the play mat circle in her mouth, ran around her room, got back into bed and fell back to sleep for another 3 hours. I managed to catch most of this on Georgie Cam and was giggling like mad to myself the whole time.


Night time was even easier; James put her to bed as usual and gave her a bit of a cuddle on the bed before leaving. Georgie didn’t even get out of bed, just stayed where she was & went straight to sleep. There was a bit of wriggling to find the perfect position – she ended up rather adorably with her hands behind her head on the pillow and her new duvet pulled up to her waist.

She’s just gone down for her afternoon nap now, and it’s another success! I think the bed is a hit.. I took her to her room, changed her nappy and shut the blinds like normal, and then helped her into her bed. She got out straight away as I was leaving (of course!) but as soon as she realised the door was shut and I was headed downstairs she climbed back into bed, tucked herself in the wrong way around and, after playing with her teddy for a while, laid down and drifted off to sleep. Ok, so she’s lying upside down and using the pillow as a duvet, but she’s napping happily like the sleep loving little girl she is!

Pillow as duvet

I’m so pleased and relieved that the transition has been so easy for her. 17 months is a little early to move her into a toddler bed (the usual recommendation is anything from 18 months to 3 years!) but it will make life so much easier for us, especially as this bump of mine will be getting more & more in the way as the weeks get on, as well as being high maintenance.

The only problem is… Homily thinks it’s her new bed!

The Georgie Cam we installed in her room has been a godsend over the last few days; knowing what she is up to without having to go in and disturb her is so useful when you’re making a big change like this! Her whole room has been switched around – we planned to do this transition slowly but she only had a few days with her furniture in its new positions before the addition of her new bed.