Getting Crafty: Paper lanterns for Chinese New Year

This Thursday Georgie and I managed to make it to the Children’s Centre for our playgroup for the first time since Christmas (sound the drums, it’s a miracle!). We had a really lovely morning and it was great to see Georgie happily playing with the other children, as well as it being a great chance for me to have a chat with the other mums!

I’ve been feeling guilty about not getting out much with her because of the unpleasant mixture of norovirus, bad weather and a very big baby bump, so it was really nice to ease some of my mummy guilt by taking her to have lots of fun.

The craft activity for the week was to decorate a piece of paper ready for it to be transformed into a paper lantern. They handed out sheets of paper, scraps of tissue paper & colourful foil, circles of coloured paper, sequins, and other decorations.. and of course PVA glue – Georgie’s favourite thing!

Once Georgie had decorated her piece of paper with lots and lots of glue and decorations we left it to dry and brought it home to dry some more… she used a LOT of glue. There may have been three glue spreaders in one hand and two in the other, at one point.

Following the instructions here the paper has now been folded, slits added, and hung up. We hung ours with some wool instead of making a paper handle, so it could be hung nicely from the living room light.

You could make a series of these with different coloured paper, all decorated in the same way, and string them up together, for a great decoration.

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