Handmade with love by Mrs & Miss C!

In the last few weeks James’s grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary (woah… that makes our 4 years seem so pathetic!), and a gorgeous new baby boy entered the world.

Following the announcement of his birth, I crocheted a hat for baby Toby using the Basic Beanie pattern by Busy Moms Designs and used this ‘surface crochet‘ method to add his name.

We sat down with Georgie on Sunday morning a few weekends ago and made a couple of cards too. She had a great time! We had lots of glue (her favourite), mini pom-poms, googly eyes, stickers, a photo for each card, ink stamps, crayons – everything a little girl could want to make a big mess pair of lovely cards.

I’m fairly sure the resulting cards can easily be classed as “loved for their maker, not for their artistic merit”. Georgie was very pleased with herself and they both got a very good coating of glue so she was happy with that.

Toby actually wore his hat as part of his “going home” outfit so I feel hugely honoured by his mum Hannah’s choice in that! There can be no greater compliment for a new baby gift, surely?

I can’t wait to meet little Toby – James has ruled out a trip up to visit them until after our baby is born. It’s an hours drive away and my SPD means that I get quite stiff & uncomfortable after about 20 minutes in the car at the moment, plus I’m supposed to stay fairly close to the hospital in case of bleeds etc, especially as I get further on in my third trimester. Bless my lovely over-protective husband. Every time I complain about him being protective everyone else says he’s GOOD! Humph.

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