Happy Birthday Lydia!

One year ago today, this happened:


Today, my little Lydia turns one. She is walking all the time now, and developing at a super fast rate. Lydia is definitely a toddler these days, and my baby years are over.


Lydia is starting to show signs of a cheeky sense of humour, has an enthusiastic love of books, and a sweet affection for her older sister. She brings books over to you for you to read to her, and sits up at the little table on her small chair to eat her snack. Every week at soft play she gets more adventurous, loving the ball pool and slide, and throwing herself about fairly recklessly.

Lydie is starting to play with shape sorters and other puzzle solving toys. She loves things that stack together or that she can pull apart – and anything musical. Our little girl even dances to the chimes of my parents’ mantel clock! She can say a few words – Mumma, RowRowBow, and Up, are all regular words in her vocabulary, and she has had a few more one off words on top of that.

Happy Birthday to my littlest girl!


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