Love Cravendale: F1K Indoor Karting experience

Disclaimer: We were provided with free tickets to F1K Indoor karting in order to write about the experience.

Cravendale have launched a new rewards scheme and we were lucky enough to be selected to try out a few of the experiences you can earn by collecting the heart codes found on bottles of their milk.


Each bottle of Cravendale has a code on, which earns you one heart when redeemed on the website. These hearts can then be saved up & spent on different experiences, or swapped for raffle tickets in their online prize draws. Join today and you get a free 2 for 1 voucher just for signing up!

On Sunday, we headed over to the F1K Indoor Karting track in Kings Norton. James & our friend Chad got to enjoy a half hour “arrive & drive” session on the track, while I looked after the two girls in the spectator area, and took plenty of photos.

The go karting reward is actually for a 2 for 1 voucher, so the two tickets for the F1K session would have cost us £30 (£26 off-peak) with a reward voucher, although the price obviously varies depending on which track you’re closest too. It costs just 3 hearts to get a 2 for 1 go-karting voucher, which is great value.

Upon arrival at the track, the lads signed in and we had a quick chat with the staff, who directed us towards the track. The lads shortly disappeared to get changed into their protective race gear, while I took a look around and took some photos. James reports that there were lockers in the changing room to pop your belongings in if needed.

There were three other people racing in the same session as the lads, so once they arrived they all trooped upstairs for a safety briefing before getting their helmets on and climbing into their karts. It wasn’t long before they were all zooming off & around the track, having great fun.

The weather was very warm on Sunday so the air inside the building was very hot, although they had the fans in the walls going at top speed. With body suits over their clothes and a hot engine by their side, the racers all seemed a bit overheated at the end of the session!

Chad & James both seemed to enjoy themselves loads despite the sweltering heat, and had great fun whizzing about the track. Chad was very pleased when I informed him he had the fastest lap time out of the five racers in kart number 5, with James coming in at a respectable third in kart 19.

Of the five riders, there was one younger girl, and she rode in a special smaller kids kart. It didn’t go as fast as the bigger karts, but she was very impressive regardless, and did a fantastic job of blocking James and one of her party for ages.

I was worried that Georgie might freak out about the noise of the karts, as she can get very upset by things like hand dryers and bubble machines. Thankfully this wasn’t a problem, although there was a “quiet room” where you could go to watch the racing in relative quiet. The noise from the track was muffled to a nice level in here, and the large windows still afforded a good view of the track.

There were a few vending machines at the track so you could buy drinks and snacks if you wanted, and they also had a podium and track map. Plenty of seating was provided for spectators & for racers to wait for their turn on the track, and there were screens showing the current race statistics – who had the fastest lap, etc.

At the end of the race, the lads both got a print out of their 1st & 2nd best lap times and the top speed of those laps.

We had a fantastic time at the go karting track and the lads really enjoyed themselves, and spent the drive back home discussing what happened on the track. Georgie loved watching them driving around & around, and Lydia even managed to fall asleep for a nice nap in the pushchair!

I would definitely recommend this experience to other people, and think that three hearts (aka three bottles of the yummy milk that is Cravendale) for a 2 for 1 voucher is actually great value.

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