Love Cravendale: Swimming with Puddle Ducks

On Saturday morning we got the girls up early and headed to Worcester for our third and final Love Cravendale treat. By collecting codes found on Cravendale bottles, you can collect hearts which can then be spent on vouchers for  various experiences, or entries into weekly prize draws.


3 hearts gets you a free swimming session, and so Cravendale sent us to a Puddle Ducks Kickers swimming lesson to see what it was all about. Georgie, at 26 months, is well within the 15 months – 2.5 years age range of this type of class.

Puddle Ducks provide both aquanatal classes and swimming lessons for your child from birth onwards. With a range of classes aimed at different ages and abilities, they offer a friendly welcome into the pool and a great way to introduce your child to swimming.

Puddle Ducks

James headed into the pool with our little girl, and after an uncertain start with a few tears she seemed to enjoy the class.

The instructor was really great with Georgie and the other children, and everyone in the pool, parents & toddlers alike, all seemed to really enjoy the class. Each child was given praise and encouragement throughout the session.

Quite a lot was packed into the half hour class, with lots of different games keeping the kids engaged in the session.

All of the activities in the class are designed to improve your toddler’s ability and confidence in the water; with reaching, swimming on their front & back, dunking underwater, turning in the water, and (the bit that Georgie found most fun) jumping into the water!

At the end of the session there was a 5 minute free swim for the kids to enjoy playing in the water with their parents. Lots of splashing, ball throwing and dunking ensued.

Despite the initial tears, Georgie really enjoyed her Puddle Ducks session and she was smiling and laughing by the end of the class. It was great to see her get more & more confident in the water as the class went on, with her going from clinging to James to bobbing about in the water while he held her arms, or while she held onto some woggles.

She was really interested in what all the other children were doing, and being in a group of children in the class setting, rather than just with us in a pool, definitely encouraged her to be more adventurous in the water. Georgie joined in with some of the activities and enjoyed doing some splashing about with her Daddy at the end of the session!

After the success at Puddle Ducks, we’re definitely looking forward to doing some more swimming soon. The class down in Worcester is a little far for us to travel too, unfortunately, but we’re checking out local pools for swimming classes and want to get our little madam back into the water soon!

If you want to know what else we’ve been up to with the Love Cravendale reward scheme, check out my F1K Go-Karting and Jo Jingles posts. Time to start collecting hearts!

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