Lydia at 11 months

Our baby girl turns 11 months old today. She is nearly one already, that seems mad!

Lately, Lydia has been changing and growing at a rapid rate. In the last month, she has had a massive growth spurt, getting taller by a couple of inches at least, and eating and feeding absolutely loads.


Lydia has started talking recently, she says “UP!” about a million times a day, and even said “Daddy” for James when he was down to visit recently. In the past few weeks we have had her first steps, too, and she is becoming more confident each day, beginning to walk short distances between bits of furniture.

We have been going out to playgroups and things here in Cornwall, and it is lovely to see Lydia interacting with other babies and starting to get socialised a bit; there weren’t really any good groups near our old house which made me sad after seeing Georgie develop great social skills going to regular groups in the area we lived at before.


Lydie is eating solids really well, in fact during the growth spurt she was eating more than her big sister at most meals! As the weeks ticks by and she eats more & more solids, she is getting less interested in breastfeeding. She’s never been the best breastfeeder in the world; the eye-contact thing has never really happened, and she feeds for a minimum time to quench her thirst & fill her tummy, then she’s off to play or ready to be taken up to bed – wide awake mind you, she never feeds-to-sleep anymore these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if she self-weaned in the next few months,

When we arrived in Cornwall a week or so before Christmas, our little baby had no teeth at all, and now she has a lovely toothy grin with four teeth through and several more on the way. She can climb the stairs without help, get down off people’s laps on her own, push her walker all over the place, and has started to use a spoon almost as intended. The transition from baby to toddler is definitely underway, and in four and a half weeks she will be one!