Magic Moments: Sisters

I can’t get over how amazing the relationship is between Georgiana & Lydia, they just seem to get more & more in love with each other each day. Lydia beams whenever  Georgie pays her a speck of attention, and Georgie is a proper mother hen about her little sister, making sure she has toys, is tucked in, and bringing me the breastfeeding cushion when Lydia needs a feed.

They had their first bath together last night, it was incredibly cute! Georgie took control of the situation, grabbed Lydia’s sponge, and gave her little sister a thorough wash, listing body parts as she washed them… “hand, hand, foot, foot, nose”

When we stayed at the Travelodge a week or so ago, they had some lovely cuddles on the bed while I was unpacking. Of course, Georgie also gave the bed a good bounceability test too! At one point Georgie decided she wanted to have a lap cuddle with Lydia. Usually when she wants this she just climbs onto the sofa next to me and pats her lap whilst saying Lydia’s name (or her version of it at any rate!). This particular thursday night, however, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and, grabbing a handful of sleepsuit in each, pulled Lydia onto her lap!

My third “sisters” moment I want to share with you comes from this morning. I turned around to find my sleeping (thumb-sucking) baby girl being given toys by her big sister. Georgie then settled down next to the crib with a pile of books and proceeded to read to her little sister.

I love capturing these moments between my two girls, and only hope that their relationship continues to grow!

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