My Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day this year… I am loving being a mum to two little girls, and having a moment to celebrate this so soon after Lydia’s birth was really nice.

I got thoroughly spoilt throughout the day, which was lovely! Coffee & breakfast delivered to me in bed is nothing new, as my wonderful husband brings me a drink and something to eat each morning… but on Sunday my morning drink was accompanied by a bag full of goodies handed over rather self importantly by my darling Georgie Girl.

Contained within this bag was some chocolate, a Poppy Sparkles birthstone necklace (my man can take a hint!), and a card which Georgie & her daddy made together while Lydia napped on Saturday afternoon. None of these things were a surprise, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less!

My necklace is just completely gorgeous, and is even better than I imagined it to be. The colours work so well together and I love that it represents all four of us in one piece of jewellery, not just the two girls.

Much as I love my necklace (and the chocolate!), the card has to be my favourite thing that emerged from the bag! It is the first properly homemade thing that James & Georgie have given me and I must admit I had a little lump in my throat when I read it! Georgie even signed it herself, with her Daddy’s help.

Once I had my necklace on and my coffee drunk, we had to hurry up and get dressed to go and spend the day in Shrewsbury with our friend Hannah and her brand new baby boy Toby. We had a very leisurely lunch at the pub, with lots of baby cuddles and new toys (thanks Hannah!) to entertain Georgie. After overstaying our welcome to the extent of getting a parking ticket (OOPS!), we headed out into the cold and went for a walk in the park, before heading home with our two tired out girls!

The indulgence didn’t stop with breakfast in bed, pub roast dinner & gifts though… for dinner we had chinese from my favourite takeaway, and I got to have all my favourite dishes, yum yum yum! I would say that the combination of a pub lunch and chinese for dinner is too greedy for words, but I am going to ahead and use the breastfeeding excuse… I am ravenous all the time at the moment! Lydia is a hungry little thing and I am spending hours feeding her each day.

I hope that everyone else had a lovely Mother’s Day! Parking ticket aside, we had a really nice day. I am really enjoying getting out and about since Lydia’s birth, and it was nice to do something on James’s last day before going back to work, too.

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