Oh help! Oh no! It’s a Homilydog!

We ate a late lunch at Frankie & Benny’s today before heading home from our holiday in Suffolk, leaving Homily to sleep in the car. Before we even received our starters, however, we realised that we’d left Georgie’s Gruffalo rucksack on the front seat.

Georgie has had this rucksack for about a month now; we bought it so that we could free up space in the changing bag for Lydia’s things. All of her bits & pieces are in there; a pack of wipes, her cag in a bag, hat & mittens, a few snacks, that sort of thing. It is very sweet, with a detachable zippered front pouch that we keep her nibbles in.

She has become very proud of her little rucksack and loves to carry it herself. A lot of the time it travels in the bottom of the pushchair, but if its not in there she prefers to carry it herself rather than letting us hold it.

So when James popped out to the car today to retrieve it, the scene he was greeted with was quite disastrous in Georgie’s little world; Homily has completely destroyed her gruffalo bag!

The Very Bad Dog has punctured all around the edges & bottom of the bag with her teeth…

Bitten a hole in the Gruffalo’s head…

Completely wrecked the side pocket…

…all in the quest for FOOD! She managed to find some as well, by somehow managing to get the front pouch/pocket unzipped! The terror did all this damage & scoffed one of Georgie’s little bags of biscuits, all in the short amount of time it took us to order our food!

The bag now stinks of dog breath, and has so many holes that it isn’t really strong enough to be trusted to carry anything, especially with all the rips and punctures in the plastic front of the bag. It’s not exactly waterproof anymore either, being riddled with holes.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. We took a little diversion on the way back to the A14 and our journey home to stop at the Ipswich Mothercare. Luckily they had a few in stock so we were able to purchase a replacement for the hole-ridden stinky mess!

Thank goodness it was only a £12 fix for this particular disaster.

And as far as Homily is concerned? She won’t be getting any dinner tonight, but is very pleased with herself! She really is a nightmare, scavenging for food whenever our back is turned, and a lazy dog all other times. What a brat!

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