One girl & her dog

One of Georgie & Homily's first photos together!
One of Georgie & Homily’s first photos together!

I cannot tell you quite how much I love the fact that Georgie is growing up with a pet in the house. I have very fond memories of my childhood with a whole menagerie of animals about the place – we had cats, hamsters, chickens, and more! At one point we even had our very own flock of white doves.

Homily, our Norwich Terrier, is the absolute best kind of dog. Ok, so she is a little bit stupid, but she’s very adorable, so that makes up for it! Hompom is a teddy bear with four legs – and a greedy one at that. She is incredibly good with Georgie, and very patient with her. Our scamp of a child has been known to try to dress her up, ride her, balance things on her sleeping form (Buckaroo, anyone?!), attempt to pick her up, and generally abuse her!

Little Red Riding Hood & Grandma Wolf
Little Red Riding Hood & Grandma Wolf

In return for this extraordinary tolerance, at mealtimes Georgie (under the not-so watchful blind eye of her slightly indulgent parents) sneaks bits of food from her tray to be dropped at the paws of the awaiting shark, who sits beside her chair. Given half a chance, Georgie will also “help” her doggie eat her breakfast by stealing bits from under her nose and then hand feeding them to her five minutes later, after she has paraded her handful of dog biscuits around the living room with her faithful hound dogging her steps & sniffing hopefully.

Homily is accompanied to the back door when it’s time to go out, and Georgie awaits her return into the house patiently, standing by the open door ready to give Hompom a welcoming smile and pat on her return. Georgie is always ready to give her canine best friend hugs and strokes, and is learning to be more gentle with her as she gets older. One of the first things she does each morning is look for Homily in her bed or on the end of ours, and give her a morning pat to say hello.

Yesterday we headed out for lunch & a walk at the Waseley Hills Country Park, which is a fairly short drive from where we live & we are frequent visitors when the weather is kind to us! The views from the top of the hill are beautiful, there is a lovely cafe, and a fun playground for the kids too. It’s a big favourite with dog walkers and families, and the kind of place where people always seem to be friendly and pick up after their dogs!

Georgie had a great time walking Homily all on her own, holding onto the lead with a massive proud grin on her face. She was laughing her head off after we let the dog off the lead too, as Homily was expressing her delight at being on a walk by running around like mad, barking happily – she almost never barks at home so Georgie was loving hearing her doggie bark for joy!

Hopefully we will soon be welcoming a second Norwich Terrier into our home, so Squidge will have his/her “own” doggie too… I am so pleased that our children will grow up with the same love of animals that James and I share. Walking the dog is a great excuse to get out and enjoy the sunshine too!

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  1. Oh we often wish we could have a dog but we just don’t have the space. It definitely looks like a great way to get out and about. What lovely photos x

  2. My children would love a dog but Penguin our farm cat would be less keen. Homily is a real family pet and lovely for Georgie to grow up with, a perfect friendship and a great excuse to enjoy the outdoors. Thank you for linking up with Country Kids.

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