The Ordinary Moments ~ Playing together

As Lydia gets older and more interested in the toys and things around her, it’s so sweet to watch her & Georgie begin to play together.

Obviously, with nearly 2 years between them, most of the toys they play with are different – Georgie favours puzzles, construction toys and role play, whereas Lydia is still firmly in the “pick it up and waggle it around, before sticking it in your mouth” camp. However, I am starting to get glimpses of what it is like to have children who sit and play together – and I am really loving it!

This week I have been seeing more & more moments like the one in these photographs. Lydia is sitting up now; although she still needs someone to help her pull herself up to the seated position, she is very stable once she’s up. Georgie is quite sweet in that she tries to help Lydia sit up, and will even get behind her and cuddle her from behind if she has started to get a bit wobbly.

Georgie seems to enjoy the idea of sitting and playing together with Lydia now, or reading books with her. Georgie fetches soft books from what has become “Lydia’s box,” for her little sister to play with, and then gets her own board books and sits beside her showing her each page and telling her what everything is. She’s not too keen when Lydia abandons her soft book and makes a grab for the one Georgie is reading though!

As for me? I get to watch, encourage from the sidelines… and drink a nice hot coffee!

One of our main reasons for having our two children “so close together”  (can you tell I’ve had to give my reasons for that question in the past?!) was so that they would hopefully be natural playtime buddies, and it looks like this may be the case. I’m so pleased. As I said in my last Ordinary Moments post, my sister and I have four years between us, and we don’t have a particularly great sisterly relationship. I want so much for things to be different for my two girls.

Georgie has definitely started to make the change from just giving Lydia toys and going back to what she wanted to do, to interacting with her and the toys she is playing with – passing them back & forth, waving them around for her, or telling her what everything is and how to play with it. The changes in their relationship and how they react to each other absolutely fascinates me, every day. These ordinary moments are so beautiful to me.

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  1. Oh this is just gorgeous! I love seeing the interaction between my girls too and we too recently have started to see them playing together, although in the last few weeks Mads has wised up to the fact LL can reach her toys more easily now. I am also having to watch because she keeps finding the tiniest bits and putting them in her mouth! x

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