Our Crazy Christmas

Hello! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and that you are enjoying these peaceful days between the Christmas excitement and the New Year celebrations. We have had a lovely week, although it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Christmas didn’t go quite to plan this year…

To start things off, Asda managed to seriously mess up our Christmas dinner groceries delivery on Sunday 23rd, which meant that we had to spend part of our Christmas Eve searching the supermarkets for missing items – in particular, the makings of the necessary pigs in blankets, and a Christmas pudding! After hitting a few of the biggest shops we managed to track down everything we needed, though it wasn’t quite the restful morning we had planned after James had driven to Northumberland and back at the weekend to fetch his grandparents.

Stocking hanging on the tree - Bedtime stories with Daddy... and after lights out!
Stocking hanging on the tree – Bedtime stories with Daddy… and after lights out!

Once we’d sorted all that out, and been to the hospital and back for my antenatal clinic & consultant appointment (all is ok in that department), we had dinner as usual and settled Georgie into bed. We hung her Christmas stocking on her little tree, then sorted, boxed & piled up the masses of stuff we needed to take to my Mother-in-Law’s the next day to spend the day celebrating with her and her parents, including the slightly daunting task of cooking Christmas dinner for everyone.

We finished sorting everything out and then Santa came to the house, to visit Georgie in her bedroom! He wasn’t as sneaky as he should have been, unfortunately, and so our little madam woke up and almost caught him! Luckily she didn’t sit up until after he had already ¬†left the room, and settled back to sleep almost straight away.

Oops! Santa wasn't light-foooted enough!
Oops! Santa wasn’t light-footed enough!

We headed to bed early, to try to get a decent night’s sleep before all the excitement and work of the next day. When we woke up, however, our plans had to be changed immediately! James got a text message from his mum to let him know that Granny had taken a bad fall in the night and as she hit her head on the way down & Ruth and her father couldn’t get her up themselves, they had called 999. She was taken to hospital and wasn’t likely to be discharged until that afternoon at the earliest, and likely to be kept in for 24 hours observation. Disaster!

Santa came in the night - The big pile of books Georgie read after being put to bed on Christmas Eve
Santa came in the night – The big pile of books Georgie read after being put to bed on Christmas Eve

Christmas dinner was cancelled (or at least temporarily postponed!) and plans rapidly changed with the philosophy of “we’ll work it out as we go along” for any celebrations due to involve Granny. Georgie was due to wake up so we decided to have a leisurely morning lie in on our bed with her opening her stocking presents, then we moved downstairs for breakfast. The boxes of presents due to be opened that afternoon at my MIL’s house were unpacked and put under the tree, and anything else packed up for Christmas dinner put safely in another room until we knew what was going on.

We decided to go ahead and open the presents in the morning so that Georgie would be able to have her normal nap in the afternoon, especially as we couldn’t do anything until we knew more about what was going on with Granny. I popped my traditional Christmas morning film “The Muppets Christmas Carol” into the playstation and we proceeded to let Georgie loose on the pile of gifts. She did quite a good job of delivering presents to her Dada when I asked her to, and enjoyed ripping into her own and liberally spreading them all over the living room floor!

Christmas morning
Christmas morning

Just as we finished with the presents, we got a phone call to let us know that Granny was going to be discharged from hospital, but was very sore and couldn’t move around without a few people helping. We threw a hoody on over Georgie’s pjs, packed a bag of random lunch stuff and headed over to my MIL’s house to help get Granny out of the car and into the house, as there was no way my MIL and her father could manage it on their own. The cheese sandwiches we ate for lunch after getting Granny settled in the front room weren’t quite what we had been looking forward to!

Opening gifts with Granny & Grandfather - cheese sandwiches for lunch on Christmas day!
Opening gifts with Granny & Grandfather – cheese sandwiches for lunch on Christmas day!

We didn’t stay over there for long as everyone was very tired from their stressful morning, so once presents had been given and received we headed back to our house where the remainder of Christmas day turned into a duvet on the sofa affair, complete with Georgie still in her PJs and a rather weird dinner of eggs, bacon, chips & onion rings – scraped together from whatever we had in the fridge and freezer!

Boxing Day was to be our second attempt at Christmas Day, and so the three of us loaded up the car with food and cooking equipment, and headed back over to my MILs to get the turkey in the oven… finally! Four hours of cooking later, I served up a traditional Christmas dinner complete with stuffing, sausage meat, pigs in blanket, “proper” gravy, swede & parsnip & carrot mash, a variety of roast veg… and not forgetting the all important sprouts! To say I was tired after all that was an understatement!!

Christmas Dinner

The first two hours of cooking were hectic as the kitchen was full of people and I had to keep half an eye on Georgie who was causing mayhem, but thankfully Ruth took her and Grandfather to the front room so we had some peace and quiet for the last few hours. James was acting as my kitchen assistant and helping me lug things in and out of the oven, while Granny sat and watched us slave away.

Thankfully everyone seemed to enjoy my cooking and three G’s all had a lovely little nap afterwards!

Georgie, Granny & Grandfather having their after dinner naps!
Georgie, Granny & Grandfather having their after dinner naps!

Our Christmas may have been spread over two days, but it was enjoyable nonetheless… with the exception of the worry about Granny and the extra pain she was in after her fall!