Georgie is still in the early months of learning to talk, and doesn’t have a very big vocabulary yet. She is starting to turn into a bit of a chatterbox at home, and here are a few of her latest words:

Star, heart, pig, cow, apple, baby, pic, pretty (without the second syllable!), Pooh (for the bear.. and poo-poo for full nappies!), whoops!

The word I have been working on trying to teach her to use most, however, is “please”. Here is how this mornings exchange went…

I was sitting on the sofa & eating a yoghurt as part of my breakfast. Georgie climbed onto the sofa next to me and held out her hand in the universal gesture of “give me some of that”

Me: Would you like some of this?
Georgie: *nods her head and smiles*
Me: Can you say please?
Georgie: *nods, smiles*
Me: Will you say please?
Georgie: *nods, smiles*
Me: Say please if you want some
Georgie: Nah!
Me: Ok, never mind.
Georgie: Nah! … Nah! … Nah! … *whispers* please?
Me: Good girl! Ok, here you go (and then it all started from the beginning again!)

Success.. well, eventually! 😀

3 thoughts on ““Please?”

  1. She has a nice range of words, Izzy was mainly ‘b’ words to begin with and there are more things starting with b around the house than you think!

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