Poorly sick :-(


I’ve been a bit quieter than planned this week after being struck down with the dreaded norovirus, or some other horrible winter bug.

I started feeling ill on Monday evening, and by the following morning I was aching all over complete with an awful migraine. James took pity on me and watched Georgie that morning whilst “working from home” (aka working from the sofa to the enjoyable background of cbeebies & a toddler running wild around him).

Yesterday & today have been full on aches, pains, low fever & upset stomach… I’m exhausted! James went into the office yesterday but stayed home again today after I had an awful evening & night. I’m managing to keep a little bit of liquid down but am a bit worried about getting too dehydrated – we have some rehydration salts but they have been making me feel really sick!

I’ve spent the day in bed today like a piece of limp lettuce & the sleep has really helped. I made the mistake of trying to eat something for dinner though – oops. I’m a little worried about the baby; I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and severe dehydration cannot be good for the pregnancy, so I hope I manage to retain some liquid soon.

As far as the baby is concerned, he/she is wriggling away as per normal. It’s not fun to get a swift kick in the tummy when you’re already a nauseous mess! Georgie joined us in bed at 5am this morning and was wriggling like mad kicking the bump so it felt like I was being pummelled inside and out, especially when the baby started kicking back in the same spots.

Georgie has been a bit iffy too; thankfully she hasn’t been throwing up but she has had a slight temperature today and her nappies haven’t been right for a few days. I hope this is as bad as it gets for her; other than the occasional runny nose she is usually as healthy as a horse.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling up to watching Georgie and James can head back into the office. He has thankfully been unaffected and has been wonderful this week.

Sorry for the moaning folks! I’ll be back up & running soon 🙂