Soft play Sunday

On Sunday James and I decided to take the kids out for a few hours, so that we could spend a bit of time together, just the four of us before he headed back to the Midlands on Monday morning. It had the added advantage of giving Mum & Dad some peace for a bit too!

We decided to head to the aptly named “Screamers” soft play centre at Bude’s Harlequinns┬ácentre, which also houses a bowling alley and gym. Georgie really enjoys. The toddler area is excellent with a loop of climbing up round steps, across a rope bridge thing, down a decent sized slide and landing in a ball pool. There are some other bits to play with including a sort of swinging thing, but Georgie mostly ran round and round the loop the entire time!

Soft Play 1

We ate lunch while we were there – fairly enjoyable standard fare for a place like that – burgers, fish fingers, that sort of thing. Apart from a short break for lunch Georgie was racing around the climbing frames at high speed, having a fab time. She had a run around the bit for bigger kids too, with her Daddy in tow to give her a boost when she needed it.

Lydia got in on the action too, rejecting the “baby area” and insisting on climbing up to the top part of the toddler area to join her sister. She took a couple of goes down the slide, on our laps, but hated the ball pool at the bottom! Lydia is very mobile for a 10 month old – she took her first steps last week, and is gaining confidence every day.

Soft Play 2

Georgie did that thing two year olds do, where they magically make friends with complete strangers. She and another little girl around the same age spent ages chasing each other about, holding hands, and going down the slide together. Georgie bossed her about a bit now & again – she has changed so much from the shy little girl she used to be.

Eventually Lydia crashed out in my arms and snoozed away for about 45 minutes. She got ridiculously heavy!


After nearly FOUR hours and a bumped head (from a wooden door, not in the soft play area!), we drove the scenic route back to Mum and Dad’s house, stopping at Widemouth Bay to wave to the sea and soak up the gorgeous view.

Widemouth Bay

While we were packed at the viewpoint, we saw an amazing custom-built sidecar with a Harley Davidson – the driver had custom built it for his dog… The lid came off to allow the dog to jump in, with a hole for it’s head and a little windscreen to protect it from the elements. It was adorable!


I have to admit, when we got in I went for a lie down. A girl can only take so much soft play before a serious rest is called for!

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