SquidgeWatch: 30 Weeks


It seems hard to believe that I am now 30 weeks pregnant, and Christmas is just around the corner. I am now into the third trimester and things are definitely becoming more difficult – my hips and pelvis have started to become quite stiff and painful, and getting up from the bed or sofa can be an unpleasant experience!

I am feeling loads of movements and am absolutely loving it! As my placenta was around the front with my last pregnancy a lot of the movements were cushioned so I didn’t feel nearly as much, and James didn’t get to see or feel many kicks either. It’s completely different this time around, right down to anything that’s left resting on the bump actually getting jiggled about by my very wriggly monster.

I had a growth scan a few weeks ago at 28 weeks, and the baby measured low on the graph, so we have been back twice more since to double check a few things. The cord blood flow and placenta position were both checked last week – the flow was fine (phew) but the placenta was still completely covering the cervix.

It’s looking more & more certain that it will be a scheduled c-section at around 37/38 weeks, so I should have this baby in my arms in less than two months. The scan technician last week went from official optimistic mode “ooh but it might move yet, you never know” to a more realistic “nahhh!” after we told her what happened with my first pregnancy.

Today we headed back to the hospital for our third scan this month in order to double check the growth and I’m pleased to report it has bounced back up to just below the 50th percentile line so it looks like things are back on track. Squidge has been head down at both scans which might explain the pressure I’ve been feeling – what with the low placenta and the baby using it as a pillow, I’ve felt like everything is going to fall out every time I’ve walked around the last few weeks!

We’re back again on Monday for a clinic and consultant appointment – hurrah for us getting to traipse over to the hospital at 3:30 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve! I’m sure there isn’t anything better we could be doing that afternoon 😛