SquidgeWatch: 33 Weeks


I’m now passed the 33 week mark and things are becoming harder to deal with – the fun part of pregnancy is definitely fading away & the anxious countdown to the end beginning.

My SPD is still playing up; it is a lot worse if I have been doing a lot – I did lots of tidying and sorting out yesterday and couldn’t sleep for hours because I was hurting so badly afterwards! Thankfully I’ve been sorted out with some cocodamol now to help with the pain, so I took some of those and managed to get some sleep.

I’ve been having some problems sleeping but it’s not too bad.. I’m waking several times a night now but as long as I don’t wake up too much I can usually manage to get back to sleep! There have been a few nights of tossing & turning trying to get comfortable and fighting insomnia, and I’m sure they’ll only get worse as the bump gets bigger!

Today I had a really bad dizzy spell in the kitchen and ended up sitting on the floor – I had some problems with low blood pressure in the second trimester, which was causing dizzy spells, so hopefully it’s just that! An hour and a half later, I’ve finally stopped shaking at least. I don’t think everything has ever gone completely black like that before, I certainly didn’t like it! I’m about to lie down and have a snooze as soon as Georgie settles so hopefully that will help.

Another unpleasant symptom from earlier in the pregnancy seems to be rearing its ugly head as well; my morning sickness is back. I’m back to trying to eat little and often, as an empty stomach makes me feel nauseous but a full one doesn’t stay down! I think I keep getting well aimed kicks to my tummy as I will be fine one minute and then suddenly I have a wave of sickness and have to fight to not be sick. Thanks, Squidge. Love you too.

I miss my feet!

I had a midwife appointment last week, everything was hunky dory. I picked up my matb1 form so I can get on with the paperwork that goes with having a baby whilst self employed… I’m not even going to pretend to understand the form I’m faced with, but just take each question and try to answer it as best I can!

My next midwife appointment is booked a few days after the second probable C sec date, which I find somewhat amusing. I’ve been told by my consultant that I’m most likely going to be having a C on (or around!) the 4th or 11th feb, so my midwife goes ahead and books me in to see her after those dates?! The only way I’m going to make that appointment is if a minor miracle occurs and this placenta of mine shifts.. And it wasn’t showing any signs of budging at my scans a few weeks ago.

I’m booked in to get the baby’s growth and the placenta position checked at the end of this month, which is when I’ll know for sure and be able to plan for the birth. I can’t believe that it’s only a few weeks away now! If the consultant wants to do the C at 37 weeks I could be holding my baby in 4 weeks!!