Squidgewatch: 36 Weeks (scan day!)

I had my 36 week scan today & can confirm miracles can happen! Defying the predictions and expectations of my consultants, ultrasound technicians and ourselves, my placenta has shifted out of the way and I have been cleared for a natural birth!

I was diagnosed with Complete Placenta Praevia at 20 weeks and put on strict pelvic rest. After my bleeding/low placenta problems with Georgie’s pregnancy, the entire staff that dealt with us at the hospital were sure that I had no chance of a natural birth (my placenta was only partially covering & in a better place to start with, with my first pregnancy, and only moved into the safe zone at 37 weeks – past the cut off for CPP).

To say James and I were shocked today as we saw the edge of the placenta followed by a head and then the cervix the other side, would be a bit of an understatement. Because my bladder wasn’t very full the ultrasound tech even went to get a second technician to take a look, and she agreed!

We’re super happy & very surprised at this outcome. Although we were resigned to the expectation of a C-section, it’s lovely to not need one! Obviously it would have been ok to have one – after all it’s a lot safer than attempting a natural birth when the exit door is completely blocked! But there is no denying that I’m delighted to not be going that route unless something else happens to make it necessary.

I’m off the pelvic rest & can get my birth ball pumped up to get bouncing and soften up that cervix! At least we have longer to think up some good names too 🙂

Of course, we now need to change our plans for the birth – not knowing the date throws a bit of a spanner in the works to be honest. My parents were planning to come and look after Georgie while I was in hospital, but as they are four hours away in Cornwall that’s not exactly practical for the unpredictability of a natural labour! Our only nearby relative is my mother in law Ruth (about half an hours drive away) & she is concerned that she will be working when we’d need her.

I think that some impassioned pleas to our nearby friends to fill the gap between us needing to go to hospital and Ruth being able to take over the babysitting duties may be required!

We’re at Frankie & Benny’s now for a celebratory meal… Georgie is enjoying her pizza!

11 thoughts on “Squidgewatch: 36 Weeks (scan day!)

  1. That’s great news! 🙂 Don’t go rushing around though – you still need to take it easy! If I can help at all, give me a shout 😉

  2. That’s amazing news! Congratulations! Take it easy still though. Hope things continue to go the right way for you.
    PS I’ve just seen you’re in Dudley- I spent my Uni days there- small world!

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