The Buggypod’s first outing!

We bought a Revelo Buggypod Smorph 2 at the start of the year, in preparation for having Lydia – the plan was to use our Maclaren pushchair with the car seat clipped on for Lydia, while Georgie rode alongside in the Buggypod. Then, we were given the opportunity to be Graco ambassadors for a month & test the we Graco Evo Mini, so the Maclaren sat gathering dust while we swapped the to girls in & out of the Evo Mini, whilst the other either walked (in Georgie’s case) or travelled in a wrap sling (in Lydia’s case).

With the visit to the Baby Show looming, however, we decided to get the Buggypod sorted & try it out for the first time. I didn’t want to baby wear Lydia all day as she runs hot & it is like having a hot water bottle strapped tp you – not ideal for a whole day’s wear! She isn’t keen on me standing still either, so I wouldn’t have been able to stop & look at anything!

So, on Saturday we parked the car at Selly Oak station, popped Lydia in the Maclaren, in lie flat mode, and clipped the Buggypod onto the side. With Georgie on her reins & the Buggypod folded up against the pushchair we made our way to the Birmingham International train station, with a change at New Street. The little sidecar didn’t add too much width or weight to the pushchair, and it still fitted easily through doors & on and off lifts.

Lydia chilling out in the Maclaren
Lydia chilling out in the Maclaren

Once we arrived at the train station we unfolded the Buggypod & Georgie clambered up into it excitedly. She absolutely loved it, and was happily peering over the side of the pushchair to check on Lydia, looking around, and waggling her legs around in all sorts of ways.

We used the pushchair + sidecar combo for several hours at the baby show, and got a LOT of comments. One or two people had seen one before but it was mostly completely new to people, and there were loads of compliments on its ingenuity etc. We had plenty of people asking if it was a universal accessory, and wanting to know what it was called. I’m not sure how many times I said “it’s a Buggypod & fits onto loads of pushchairs, there is a lust on their website,” but it was a lot!

It handled very well, just about squeezed into the lifts at the NEC, and Georgie seemed to find it comfortable. She preferred to dangle (or waggle!) her legs or sit crossed legged rather than use the footrest though, much to the amusement of everyone. She refused to get down until she needed a nappy change, that’s a good sign of her approval.

I plan to post a full review of the Buggypod, but want to give it more than one outing first, so watch this space for that!

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