The MAD Blog Awards

The 2013 MAD Blog Awards nominations are open, and I thought I would share my nominations with you all, as they are all fabulous blogs and I love to share great reads! I couldn’t come up with nominations for every category, so I look forward to seeing who gets nominated for the ones I’m missing.

Mummy Daddy and Me Makes ThreeMAD Blog of the Year

Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three

I just love Katie’s blog. Although I will always be envious of the way she has a perfect baby bump in comparison to my fat squidge bump, as well as the fact she writes SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME, this is no reason to withhold my nominations for her! It is a beautiful blog with really great content and she has the cutest little girl in the world (after Georgie, of course!).

Clara UnravelledBest Blog Writer

Clara Unravelled

Anyone who reads Clara’s blog cannot fail to admire her, and everything she has been through in the rocky world of PND. Her writing is beautiful, her honesty achingly transparent and her sense of humour sublime. Her posts are thought-provoking and funny and I just want to give her a massive hug for making me feel something so real every time I read her blog.

Mother GeekBest Baby Blog

Mother Geek

Ahh, the tales of the caped crusaders! I love chatting to Tina on twitter, and reading what she’s been getting up to with her kids Sam (Batman) and Sydney (Robyn). She’s had a tough time of things lately with one thing or another, but her blog has always been realistic and open about it – she’s one brave lady!

Life According to Mrs ShiltsBest Pregnancy Blog

Life According to Mrs Shilts

I met Mrs Shilts at the Kiddicare blogger event and have been chatting to her online and reading her blog ever since. I love her pregnancy updates and reading her journey through her first pregnancy makes me look back at mine with a nostalgic smile as I remember things like spending hours meticulously washing and folding all the new baby clothes, only to refold them a few days later as I couldn’t resist looking at them all over again! She’s just a few weeks ahead of me with her pregnancy, so I look forward to introducing Squidge to BabyShilts some day soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Crazy with TwinsBest New Blog

Crazy with Twins

A lovely chronicle of a family’s life as they welcome twins to their family, being honest about the struggles that have been on their way.

Coombe MillBest Family Life Blog

Coombe Mill Blog (Tales from the farmers wife, and Mummy to 6)

Coombe Mill are a family farm in Cornwall who do holidays. Sounds like a weird thing to be nominating, yes? However, their blog provides a lovely insight into “life on the farm” with great outdoor activities and fun photos that tell a tale of happy (and very very muddy) chaos.

Capture by LucyBest Craft Blog

Capture by Lucy

I really enjoy Lucy’s blog, and there’s nothing quite as self-indulgant as browsing through herย her craft categoryย and making shopping lists in my head so I can attempt some of her projects. I don’t think anything I make manages to ever end up so gorgeously picture perfect!

Recipes from a Normal MumBest Food Blog

Recipes From a Normal Mum

If you’re a GBBO fan and you haven’t discovered the blog of Holly Bell than I pity you! Her recipes are divine and her blog posts amusing. I love this blog and it’s a great place to go if you want to experiment with baking!

Coombe MillBest MAD Blog for Family Fun

Coombe Mill Blog (Tales from the farmers wife, and Mummy to 6)

See above!

Startup WifeBest Blog Photography

The Startup Wife

I’ve been reading Emily’s blog since it began, and unsurprisingly (she is/was a professional photographer after all!) her photos are the best I’ve seen on a parenting blog. They make me sigh and laugh and ache a little inside, all at once. Her eye for detail and the composition of her shots is just breath-taking.

Nominate Me?

I really REALLY hate to ask (I actually feel a bit slimy), but I would be absolutely delighted if Mama Geek was nominated for an award!ย I am eligible for “MAD Blog of the Year” (yea, right! No chance on that one…), “Best Blog Writer”, “Best Pregnancy Blog” or “Most Innovative Blog”. Most Innovative is my top choice! Thank you for your consideration ๐Ÿ™‚

MAD Blog Awards

23 thoughts on “The MAD Blog Awards

  1. Oh my you have so just made my day! I am thrilled to have been nominated on the Family categories! I love your rationale on all the blogs here and one or two are new to me so I am off to read them on your recommendation. Your asking for a vote too is so polite and unassuming it is totally appropriate!

    1. You deserve the nominations, your blog is great fun! If it wasn’t for my parents living in Cornwall I’d be dying to come stay at the farm lol

      Glad you’re discovering new blogs from this post, that’s exactly why I wanted to share my nominations ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hehe pregnancy hormones are a good excuse for a few happy tears (I should know, I was sniffling at something on the one show the other day!!) ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. Oh wow. Thank you for voting for the caped crusaders! I
    reckon they are pretty epic babies too hehe! I haven’t even
    considered my votes yet. Darn these sick babies! (I haven’t even
    opened my laptop since Saturday night)! :-O x

  3. Zoe, thank you so much for nominating me! You’ve completely made my day. I’m hoping to do so much more with my blog over the next few months time permitting and you’ve given me the inspiration to do it! Thanks once again xx

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