The Ordinary Moments #1 ~ Slippers

This weekend, we visited James’s grandparents in their new assisted living apartment. Although they are sad to have left their old home behind, it was really nice to be able to take the girls over to where they are now living, just 30 minutes away. I love that Georgie and Lydia have so many living great grandparents, and really enjoy seeing the eldest members of our families meeting & spending time with our two girls; the youngest members.

After an hour or so of chit-chat, cuddles, biscuits & helping out with various chores, we were sitting in the living room preparing for a walk around the grounds. Georgie, who by then had decided to explore the new apartment fully, dug out these slippers from somewhere and brought them back to me like some sort of treasured prize.

Georgie then proceeded to slide her feet in and march around the place whilst trying desperately to keep them on; a walk that ended up as a sort of shuffle mixed with high leg kicks, slipper dangling off her tiny foot. When she made it to the kitchen and back, she was full of pride and was obviously very pleased with her achievement!


This little “ordinary moment” sums up Georgie’s developing character so well, and it’s moments like these I want to remember as the years go by. Georgiana has started to be more outgoing around other people, is getting more independent than ever, and always finds something fun to amuse herself with, wherever we go.

I’m linking up with Mummy Daddy Me & her new “the ordinary moments” linky, and will be trying to share an ordinary moment each week from now on, so that I can remember my girls and the every day moments that make my life with them so special to me.

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3 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #1 ~ Slippers

  1. Awwwww I absolutely love your moment, I think it might be one of my favourites. My girls are also very lucky to have 4 great grandparents and I feel so privileged to watch them interact with each other.
    This is a simple moment of a toddler having fun and exploring but I bet you anything when you look back at this photo in years to come you will treasure the memories behind it. And that’s exactly why I started this linky!

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