The Ordinary Moments #2 ~ Toys

We were playing on the living room rug together one day last week, with Lydia sat in her Cushi Tush. She managed to throw her teether on the floor, so I asked Georgie to pass her little sister her toy back, as she loves to help look after her baby sister and do little things like this.

Five minutes later, every toy in sight that Georgie considers to be a “Lydie toy” was piled up on the tray of her Cushi Tush, and even Melody wasn’t left out with a toy of her own too!

I never want to forget the little ways that Georgie shows her affection for her little sister, and all the things she does that shows how much she cares.¬†Whether it’s helping me to do a nappy change, by fetching the wipes that silly mummy accidentally-on-purpose abandoned across the room, making sure that her baby sister always has her “Lydie teethe-hur,” or the little kisses and cuddles she gives her throughout the day – they are all magical little ordinary moments and the pair of them together make me smile about thirty times a day with snippets like this.

I would love for my two girls to grow up as close as they can be, with this beautiful little relationship they so obviously have between them blossoming and growing into something truly special. I’ve always been a bit sad that my sister and I aren’t very close, but the four year age gap and personality clashes make it difficult! Here’s hoping Lydia and Georgiana grow up to be great friends as well loving sisters.

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