What’s in a name?


With our first pregnancy, we talked about names quite a lot, and we had favourites for both a boy and a girl from quite early on.

We actually chose “Georgiana Alice” from about halfway through the pregnancy and didn’t change our mind about it being our choice for a girl from that point until the birth. When our little girl was put into James’s arms, we both looked down at her completely overwhelmed. The midwife asked us if we had a name, and James & I looked at each other, smiled, and said “yeah, she’s Georgie”.

This time round, however, is completely different. We’ve got a list of girls names that we like, but no outright favourites, and hardly any boys names at all. We’ve gone off the name Georgie would have had if she’d been a boy, although it is still a contender… mostly because we don’t have many other options!

So, internet, I turn to you in our time of need. We need names!! It has to go with Georgiana/Georgie, as well as with our surname Corkhill. Boys names are the priority but a few more ideas for a girl wouldn’t go amiss either.


Help us name Squidge, please!

9 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Hello
    I always liked Dominic, Adam and Thomas
    For girls I met a Martha last week and really liked that, I think that may be because I also like the Sound of Music a lot. Good luck with your pregnancy, take care

    1. Ooh thanks, there are some good suggestions there!

      Thanks for the good luck – I’m going to spend February being very lazy I think 😀

  2. I like Matthew, Adam, Thomas, Nathan and Oliver for a boy. Emily, Grace, Harriet, Phoebe, Anna or Elizabeth (can shorten to so many names) for a girl.

    I’m sure once squidge is born you’ll just know what their name should be 🙂

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