When Georgiana met Lydia

20 days ago, on a Thursday morning, I was sitting on my hospital bed watching my brand new baby girl sleep, and waiting anxiously for my husband & mother-in-law to arrive with Georgiana. I went into hospital early on Tuesday morning, before Georgie woke up, and so I hadn’t seen her since Monday evening – that’s two and a half days without my little girl! I hadn’t even spent a night without her before, so I was impatient for a cuddle.

Of course, I was also impatient to introduce my two girls to each other for the first time. As I wrote over at my post on the Kiddicare blog, I spent quite a bit of my pregnancy wondering and worrying about how Georgie was going to react to our new addition, and whether she was going to embrace her role as a big sister.

Georgie was pleased to see me, and definitely pleased to see the new baby Mummy had next to the bed! Once she’d given me a big big cuddle, she turned her attention to the crib containing her new little sister, and just would not take her eyes away from Lydia. She leaned as far over the cot as possible to get a close look.

Once we took Lydia out of the cot Georgie couldn’t wait to hold her. She snuggled up on my lap and I helped her support her baby sister on her lap. Georgie just sat there and stared at her, touching and stroking her, and was just so immediately taken with her. It was so beautiful to watch!

On a side note: I love the photos of the four of us at the hospital, apart from James’s face! He was trying to talk his Mum through using our camera to take the photos, and seems to have forgotten to then smile for the camera. We will have to find a moment to set up the camera and take some shots of the four of us before Lydia gets too big, and try to get some better ones.

Lydia & I were discharged later that day, and when we got home we presented Georgie with her presents from her new little sister. They were a big hit! Georgie has played with the wooden peg puzzle we got her almost every day since, and tries her best to name the shapes as she puts them in… so far we have ‘star’ and ‘heart’, and she’s working on the others!

There were more cuddles between the two sisters, and Georgie was showing Lydia all her favourite toys. When we put her down for a nap on the Bambeano, Georgie grabbed her Raggy-tag blanket and tucked her in with it, and then laid one of her favourite baby toys down on top of that.

I am so pleased and relieved that the first meeting of Georgie & Lydia was a case of love at first sight. Georgiana is going to be such a great big sister!

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