Midwife shortages are putting lives at risk

There has been a lot of stuff in the news lately about how the low numbers of midwives in the UK are risking the lives of both mother & baby at birth. The Royal College of Midwives recommends that there is one midwife for every 28 hospital births, but unfortunately this number isn’t met for any region of the country. Instead, we are left with… Continue Reading “Midwife shortages are putting lives at risk”

Review: Big Game Hunters Fairy Princess Play Tent

As promised by the manufacturer this play tent was easy to construct and could easily be done by one person – in fact Georgie and I cuddled on the chair in the nursery while we watched my husband do the labour! We were impressed by the quality of the materials – it is made from solid wood poles connected with strong plastic connectors which all slot together to make a strong frame for the tent.… Continue Reading “Review: Big Game Hunters Fairy Princess Play Tent”

Using real children in advertising – is it emotional blackmail?

So, the NHS have launched a new ad campaign aimed at getting parents to stop smoking, and it’s making me a little bit sad. They are using real children to make public appeals on TV, asking their parents to stop smoking. I have to admit, I see a parent smoking around their child, and I judge them for it… I know it’s hard to quit… Continue Reading “Using real children in advertising – is it emotional blackmail?”

Geeking Out: I am in love…

…with my new iPhone! Yes, I know, that’s very pathetic. It is, after all, just a bit of technology. But oh what a wondrous device it is. I’ve been using an iPhone 3GS for over two years, and had a 3G one before that, so I’m not new to them in general… but the 4S is really a huge improvement for someone skipping the 4. I pre-ordered… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: I am in love…”

Wednesday Wishlist: Babylit Board Books

I’ve been away from my blog for a while, after a couple of nasty bugs which ended up with a nasty chest infection and the inevitable result of me feeling very sorry for myself! After a week of getting steadily worse I took myself along to the doctors and got a course of antibiotics – I’m just finishing this up and feeling much better, although… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Babylit Board Books”

BritMums Prompt: If I could have ONE whole day to myself, I would…

BritMums have posted another two fab blog prompts this week, and I’ve decided to go ahead and answer the personal prompt for the week. The prompts this week are all about pleasure, with the personal prompt being: If I could have ONE whole day to myself, I would… Now, I was going to be all well behaved and answer this question with “… get on… Continue Reading “BritMums Prompt: If I could have ONE whole day to myself, I would…”