One year and counting!!

My poor husband has to suffer through the yearly annoyance of having his birthday two days after Christmas, on the 27th. Usually we have Boxing Day as a “day of rest” between Christmas Day and James’s birthday, but this year that was not to be. In addition to the fact we started the day feeling tired, James had the additional weight on his shoulders of… Continue Reading “One year and counting!!”

Our Crazy Christmas

Hello! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and that you are enjoying these peaceful days between the Christmas excitement and the New Year celebrations. We have had a lovely week, although it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Christmas didn’t go quite to plan this year… To start things off, Asda managed to seriously mess up our Christmas dinner groceries… Continue Reading “Our Crazy Christmas”

Merry Christmas!!

We are off to spend the day with James’s mother and her parents today. Here’s hoping Georgie behaves herself nicely, we manage to cook the dinner without any problems, and Homily doesn’t sneak too much naughty food! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, see you on the other side xxx

Georgie’s Christmas Outfit!

Two years ago, with the first Christmas of her first granddaughter, my Mum began a new family tradition. At the time Georgie was just a bump, but her 3 month old cousin Izzy was bought a Christmas dress, and so it began! This year Georgie will be wearing this “Mrs Santa” dress from Mothercare – it is a lovely super-soft fabric dress with red &… Continue Reading “Georgie’s Christmas Outfit!”

Review: Diary of a Christmas Wombat by Jackie French

We’ve never come across the Diary of a Wombat books by Jackie French before, but this Christmassy sequel appealed to all three of us instantly, and I think that we will have to get our hands on Mothball’s first few adventures in the New Year.… Continue Reading “Review: Diary of a Christmas Wombat by Jackie French”

It’s party time!

Christmas is nearly here (only one week to go… PANIC!) and that can only mean one thing… it’s party time! A few years ago I would have been worrying about what to wear to my work’s Christmas do, but this year it was all about what do I bake for the party being held at our local children’s centre!? We headed to the centre last… Continue Reading “It’s party time!”

Review: Garden Games Wooden See Saw

When the team over at Garden Games offered to send Georgie a see saw to review, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Georgie adores playing outdoors and I had high expectations following the high quality and instant success of the princess play tent we previously reviewed for them (which is still a big favourite a year later by the way!).… Continue Reading “Review: Garden Games Wooden See Saw”

SquidgeWatch: 30 Weeks

It seems hard to believe that I am now 30 weeks pregnant, and Christmas is just around the corner. I am now into the third trimester and things are definitely becoming more difficult – my hips and pelvis have started to become quite stiff and painful, and getting up from the bed or sofa can be an unpleasant experience! I am feeling loads of movements… Continue Reading “SquidgeWatch: 30 Weeks”


Since Saturday afternoon, Georgie has been walking into the living room and coming to an abrupt standstill, complete with pointing finger and “Oooooh!” noises. This morning she even paused during breakfast this morning to exclaim some more. The reason for this excitement? We put up our Christmas tree and decorations, of course! Have you decorated for Christmas yet? Traditionally my family have always waited until… Continue Reading ““Oooooh!””

Review: Laid Back Lullabies by Sarah Ffelan

When Sarah sent me her CD to review, I was eager to get it into my laptop to get listening to the tracks, and I wasn’t disappointed. These rewrites of the classic lullabies are lovely to listen to, with soothing melodies that help you chill out.… Continue Reading “Review: Laid Back Lullabies by Sarah Ffelan”

Giveaway: Nip + Fab Ultimate Pamper Kit

Sainsbury’s are very kindly providing a Nip + Fab Ultimate Pamper Kit as a prize to one of my blog readers… perfect for unwinding after the stresses of Christmas! Exclusive to Sainsbury’s, this kit contains all of your pampering must haves and is presented in a fabulous tote bag. The kit is valued at £40 and contains Nip + Fabs: body wash body lotion facial wash… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Nip + Fab Ultimate Pamper Kit”