My Sunday Photo – Happy Birthday James!

In a week full of festive fun, we spent a day celebrating James’s 30th birthday. Georgie helped me to bake her Daddy a birthday cake (just like Spot in “Spot Bakes A Cake“*) and I made the icing & decorated it with Lydia strapped to my front in my new SnugiWraps Mei Tai baby carrier – so technically that means all three of us made… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Happy Birthday James!”

Big Train, Baby Train, and Father Christmas!

On Monday we took the girls to meet Father Christmas, and much to Georgie’s approval, his grotto was located on a steam train! We headed to the Bodmin & Wenford Railway to catch one of their “Santa by Steam” trains, and we weren’t disappointed. Georgie was delighted to go for a train ride behind a Big Train, was amazed by all the Christmas decorations, and… Continue Reading “Big Train, Baby Train, and Father Christmas!”

An extra present for James this Christmas – thank you Halifax!

This Christmas the lovely folk over at Halifax decided to share the love and “give people something extra” by sending out vouchers to allow people to buy an extra gift for someone deserving. I was delighted to be invited to take part in this campaign, as a tight budget has made gift buying a challenge for me this year. Yesterday, James & I celebrated our… Continue Reading “An extra present for James this Christmas – thank you Halifax!”

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! As I write this post, the tree has been decorated, and the house has been covered with garlands and draped with gold chains. The presents are sitting beneath the tree, for us to unwrap while we relax in the living room after our gigantic Christmas dinner. I hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday, taking some time to relax and enjoy yourselves.… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas!”

Review: Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas! DVD

Georgie is a huge Thomas fan so I was sure that this DVD would be a great success. I have to say, I wasn’t wrong!

Merry Christmas, Thomas! is a collection of six festive themed Thomas & Friends episodes which are all really lovely & enjoyable. Georgie enjoyed each of the stories, and to be completely honest James and I did too! Even Lydia crawled over to the TV to watch the trains choo-choo-ing around Sodor.… Continue Reading “Review: Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas! DVD”

Our Christmas Eve Surprise Box!

This year I thought the girls deserved an extra treat for Christmas, especially since we haven’t really splashed out excessively on  presents for either their stockings or under the tree. So, I decided that I would put together all the little bits and pieces we have collected for Christmas and wrap them up so they have a box of goodies to open on Christmas Eve…… Continue Reading “Our Christmas Eve Surprise Box!”

My Sunday Photo – The Percy Family!

Left to Right: “Baby Percy, Georgie Percy, Mummy Percy, Daddy Percy!” Georgie is into making things into families these days, and so anything that groups together like this with different sizes becomes a family. My Dad has two Galaxy Tabs in different sizes (one came free with his camera), as well as an S4 smartphone, and they are “Daddy one, Mummy one & Baby one”… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – The Percy Family!”

Pink Lining Wheelie Case

Review: Pink Lining Little Lady Wheelie Case

My initial impression of this suitcase was really good, and it hasn’t disappointed. We have used it during our house move to transport bits & pieces for the girls in, and it is going to be the perfect case for Georgie to use for her occasional sleepovers at Granny’s house in the future.… Continue Reading “Review: Pink Lining Little Lady Wheelie Case”

Large Festive Wreath

Review: Hotel Chocolat The Festive Wreath Large

It’s no secret that my favourite chocolate is the delicious milk chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. I adore their selector slabs, and James has to drag me in the opposite direction whenever we are within sight of the HC store in the city centre. I demand ask very nicely for Hotel Chocolat to be my edible treat each birthday and Christmas, and last year James even treated me to one of their advent calendars, which was delicious!… Continue Reading “Review: Hotel Chocolat The Festive Wreath Large”

Exciting new brand partnerships!

I am delighted to announce that Mama Geek has been selected to be a brand ambassador for two exciting baby brands; Koo-di & PurFlo. Koo-di Koo-di aim to help make life easier for busy young parents by creating multi-functional baby and toddler accessories. Their products are fun and colourful, innovative, high quality and practical. The Koo-di product range is award winning stuff too, having recently… Continue Reading “Exciting new brand partnerships!”