Happy Christmas!

When this post publishes I will probably (hopefully!) be in bed with a cup of coffee & a chocolate brioche, with the kids on the bed investigating their stocking presents. Then we will get up, we might have some more breakfast, and watch the Muppet’s Christmas Carol. A huge Christmas Dinner, Bucks Fizz, Sherry and Prosecco for the adults and Shloer for “posh grown up… Continue Reading “Happy Christmas!”

Our 2015 Christmas Eve box!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the excitement in our house is reaching fever pitch! Having two small children in our house makes Christmas such a magical time, and the girls are incredibly thrilled by everything involved; I am really looking forward to the next week. For the last few years, we have given the kids a box of goodies on Christmas Eve (our 2013 box &… Continue Reading “Our 2015 Christmas Eve box!”

Toby Carvery – perfect for those Manic Mumdays!

December has been a really busy month – in fact motherhood in general seems to be a very busy “occupation” with so much to juggle; keeping on top of the laundry, making sure your children have everything they need for school, squeezing in time for work and maybe even the odd moment for yourself.… Continue Reading “Toby Carvery – perfect for those Manic Mumdays!”

Merry Fishmas! Visiting Santa at Sea Life

We went along to the Sea Life centre a week or so ago to visit Santa, watch the Polar Express film in the 4D cinema, and of course the penguins & other sea creatures that reside there. The girls love to visit every month or two and see how much has changed since our last visit.… Continue Reading “Merry Fishmas! Visiting Santa at Sea Life”

My first December as a school Mum

Georgie started Reception in September, and Lydia began doing 3 mornings a week at pre-school at the same time, which has been amazing for both girls and, I’m not going to lie, pretty great for me too. As I blogged about previously, I’ve struggled a lot with my health this Autumn and having child free time to take time out for myself and get the basics… Continue Reading “My first December as a school Mum”

Review: Burn Me On Personalised Chopping Board

James and I celebrated 7 years of marriage a week or so ago, and I recently got sent an Anniversary Chopping Board by Burn Me On to review which is absolutely lovely. The board is engraved with our names “Mr and Mrs Corkhill” along with our wedding date.… Continue Reading “Review: Burn Me On Personalised Chopping Board”

Drinking whilst breastfeeding

There has been a lot of stuff online lately about it being perfectly fine to breastfeed and drink alcohol, and after reading some of the stuff out there I think the bigger picture is being missed a bit by people. It’s not as black and white as some of the posts and comments I’ve seen are making it out to be. Sorry, I’m afraid it may not be… Continue Reading “Drinking whilst breastfeeding”

Review: Slumbersac Sleeping Bag with Feet

Lydia stopped wearing sleeping bags when she moved into her toddler bed, switching to a small duvet & blankets. The only problem is she does not stay still while sleeping. Her bed is very low to the floor so she doesn’t wake up when she wriggles out of it; consequently we never know whether she will even be in her bed when we go in to check on them at night, let alone what position she is in or whether she has managed to stay covered up.… Continue Reading “Review: Slumbersac Sleeping Bag with Feet”

Review: Hornby Santa’s Express Train Set (R1179)

When we think of model trains, there is no doubt that the first brand that comes to mind is Hornby. They are famous for their detailed, high quality representations of the world’s most famous engines & carriages. This Santa’s Express train looks absolutely fantastic and is currently set up around our Christmas tree.… Continue Reading “Review: Hornby Santa’s Express Train Set (R1179)”

Review: The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen – Parragon Books

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales are classic stories that have been rewritten and reimagined countless times, but nothing quite matches up to the wonderful original stories. This collections of eight of his most famous tales is beautifully presented, and would make a lovely gift for families who love reading stories together.… Continue Reading “Review: The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen – Parragon Books”