Our Ikea Hack Kallax side table

My new home office is basically 90% Ikea. I love their furniture, it’s affordable, practical, and lasts years. Also, you can customise it so easily to fit exactly what you want. This is our custom side table which I made to be a multi-functional piece of furniture. It’s next to my day bed so needs to work as a coffee table for daytime use and… Continue Reading “Our Ikea Hack Kallax side table”

Giveaway: eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes and Refill Pack

Following my review of the eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes craft kit, I am pleased to announce I have a set plus the new Refill Pack to give away here on the blog!  We have been trying out the 3D Mini Scenes kit and really enjoyed it. The kit includes everything you need to make an owl & tree, ducks, rabbit, frog, and snail. The… Continue Reading “Giveaway: eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes and Refill Pack”

Review: eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes

This eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes kit from John Adams is great fun and perfect for kids around Georgie’s age (6) to do independently. Unlike some other brands, there is no heat involved in sticking these beads together; instead you simply spray them with water and leave to dry, so it is a lot safer for the little ones (not to mention the big ones too – I’ve caught myself on my iron more than once!).… Continue Reading “Review: eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes”

Life Lately: January 2018

This year I’m going to incorporate my monthly minute long videos into Life Lately posts like this one… summarising what I’ve been reading, watching, playing, as well as what we’ve been doing as a family in the past month. We’ve had horrible weather so far this year, so we have been total homebody’s and have chosen to mostly hibernate indoors. The weather at the weekends… Continue Reading “Life Lately: January 2018”

My personal haven; a home office tour

Over the Summer holidays last year we converted the spare room, previously a dumping ground for all outgrown clothes and other odds and ends, into a beautiful home office so I could have a proper workspace. It’s no exaggeration to say that I absolutely love it. This room has become my personal space, my haven, my retreat. I can curl up on the daybed to… Continue Reading “My personal haven; a home office tour”

Giveaway: The Highway Rat DVD

The Highway Rat was released yesterday on DVD and we were kindly sent a little gift bundle of goodies to enjoy in order to celebrate the release… and I have a giveaway of the DVD for my readers at the end of this post, too! The girls and I curled up on the sofa after school today to watch the animated tale of the “baddie”… Continue Reading “Giveaway: The Highway Rat DVD”

6 months with the Nintendo Switch

Last year James used my birthday as an excuse to buy Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch. We’ve had it for around six months now, so I thought I would blog about how we’ve got on with it. Initially, we had a handful of games; 1 2 Switch, Just Dance 2017, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Splatoon 2. We didn’t buy Zelda Breath of the Wild straight… Continue Reading “6 months with the Nintendo Switch”

Tsum Tsum Colouring Sheets – Free Printable!

Lydia is rapidly approaching her fifth birthday (something about which I am firmly in denial), and has requested a Disney Tsum Tsum themed birthday party. To be honest, she originally asked for a Lady and the Tramp themed party but we managed to steer her away to the much more achievable Tsum Tsum theme.  Our little house is going to be positively bursting at the… Continue Reading “Tsum Tsum Colouring Sheets – Free Printable!”