Indoor scavenger hunt clues for kids

The girls have requested a scavenger style treasure hunt this Easter so I’ve been thinking up some clues to plant around the house, to go on the clue sheets I designed & popped on here as a free printable yesterday. Here are a variety of different clue ideas suitable for children of all ages – many of them you can make as difficult or easy… Continue Reading “Indoor scavenger hunt clues for kids”

Easter Scavenger Hunt – Free Printables

The girls have requested a treasure/scavenger hunt style egg hunt this Easter, so because I’d rather design something myself than pay for a ‘kit’ at the shops, and I didn’t want to just use blank bits of paper, I decided to make my own clue sheets to make it a bit more fun. I designed a ‘first clue’ intro Easter card to get them started… Continue Reading “Easter Scavenger Hunt – Free Printables”

Lydia is 6!

Last week our baby girl turned six years old… I heard a quote recently about parenting; “The days are long but the years are short” and this feels so true right now as I look at my daughters and how big they seem.  With Georgie turning eight in a handful of weeks, it’s hard to comprehend entirely that I have been a parent for almost… Continue Reading “Lydia is 6!”