Seals in the City at Sea Life Birmingham

Earlier this week we were invited along to the VIP launch event for the brand new state-of-the-art multi million pound marine mammal rescue centre at our local Sea Life centre here in Birmingham.  As regular visitors to the centre, we knew something big was happening – a large area of the centre had been closed off, the otters had moved out, and we had to… Continue Reading “Seals in the City at Sea Life Birmingham”

Indoor scavenger hunt clues for kids

The girls have requested a scavenger style treasure hunt this Easter so I’ve been thinking up some clues to plant around the house, to go on the clue sheets I designed & popped on here as a free printable yesterday. Here are a variety of different clue ideas suitable for children of all ages – many of them you can make as difficult or easy… Continue Reading “Indoor scavenger hunt clues for kids”

Easter Scavenger Hunt – Free Printables

The girls have requested a treasure/scavenger hunt style egg hunt this Easter, so because I’d rather design something myself than pay for a ‘kit’ at the shops, and I didn’t want to just use blank bits of paper, I decided to make my own clue sheets to make it a bit more fun. I designed a ‘first clue’ intro Easter card to get them started… Continue Reading “Easter Scavenger Hunt – Free Printables”