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Mama Geek is written and maintained entirely by myself, Zoe Corkhill. It is a family blog with a geeky twist – we are a family full of nerds and proud of it! We all love gaming, and gadgets, but that doesn’t stop us loving traditional toys and days out on steam trains too.

On our blog you’ll find tales of our adventures, our opinions of things we’ve been trying out lately, and random nonsense on all sorts of topics – geeky stuff, crafting, books, and of course stuff to do with the kids.

I married my husband James in 2008, and our first child Georgiana was born on May 1st 2011, with our second daughter Lydia following not long after on February 27th 2013. We live in South Birmingham, UK, with our cute but lazy Norwich Terrier Homily.

In my previous life B.K. (Before Kids), I worked as an administrator for various companies, while also beginning to do some self employed web design work part time. Nowadays I’m a “working stay at home Mum”, juggling my web design business, this blog & motherhood, and loving it – if feeling a bit stressed out at times!

More about Me: I grew up in the Midlands, moved to Cornwall with my parents during my A levels, stayed there for University (Renewable Energy BSc at Camborne School of Mines) and then “ran away” back to the Midlands after I graduated. About a year after moving to Birmingham, I met James, moved in with him, got a dog, got married, then had Georgie – all in the space of four years. I love reading, games, apple, jigsaws and crafting.


I married James on December 12th, 2008 and he has been putting up with me since we got together in 2007. He currently works as a web developer for Co-operative Web, after studying Internet Computing at Aberystwyth University.

James is a born & bred Brummie, although for some reason lacks the local accent. His parents are both vets, and his Mum Ruth breeds Norwich Terriers, which basically means James grew up surrounded by small furry creatures. He’s into gaming and nerdy stuff, and hates olives.



Georgie is our little tomboy, who loves running around and clambering about, wearing jeans instead dresses whenever possible, and playing with Lego. Her favourite things in the world are her doll Melody, cake, drawing, trains, and strawberries. Georgie has started school now and loves it – she is a little smarty pants who is eager to learn and is making new friends at a rate of knots, despite an occasional tendency to shyness. She will tell you her favourite film is Frozen, but it isn’t really – she just says that because it is her best friend’s favourite. Georgie really prefers the Thomas films.



Our little Lydie is an outgoing social butterfly, and makes instant friends with everyone she meets. There is something about her that makes people smile straight away, and I worry that this charm is going to lead to her getting away with murder later in life! She is much more of a girly girl than her big sister, with a love of anything pink and sparkly, and a desire to wear dresses much more often. Her favourite film is Monsters Inc. Lydia sleeps with a mountain of soft toys, goes to pre-school three mornings a week, and has an obsession with custard creams.

Family photo with Shaun

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