Review: Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

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Product: Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

Price: £17.00

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Complete set of kitchen appliances with contemporary styling. Fillable coffee maker which allows water to pour into the coffee pot, kettle with level gauge indicator, toaster with ‘pop-up’ toast and an extensive range of colourful crockery, cutlery and even play food.

Rating:  (4/5 stars)

Review: We are already fans of the Casdon range of role play toys, as the girls have a box full of toy food and so on, including the Little Shopper Fruit and Vegetable Basket and the Supermarket Till. The girls love to have pretend tea parties and also role play as cafe owners fairly often to this set of kitchen equipment is a great addition to their collection!

The kitchen set comes well packaged to prevent damage, with paper and cardboard protecting the toys inside the box (and just a little bit of plastic).

Included in the set is a coffee maker, toaster and kettle, all Morphy Richards branded, and everything you need for a good breakfast: two teacups & saucers, two plates, two sets of cutlery, and some toy food – a sausage, an egg, a slice of bacon, and two slices of toast.

You also get a sheet of instructions, and some stickers which you have to put on the coffee maker. The instructions are nice and easy to follow, and so how the small appliances can be played with.

Based on the Morphy Richards popular Accents range, the coffee maker, toaster, and kettle look just like the real deal, only in miniature. The girls love how realistic this makes them, and the fact they can use real water to ‘make coffee’ in the coffee maker, and pour from the kettle to serve up cups of tea.

The coffee maker lid lifts up so that you can pour water in the tank, which then dribbles down into the jug in the base of the jug, just like a real coffee maker.

You can even ‘make toast’ with the toaster, which has a lever to push the toast down on the side… wait a few seconds and the toast pops up! The dial on the front can be spun around, and makes clicking sounds.

The kettle is also interactive; you can take the lid off to pour water inside, and pretend to boil it by clicking the switch on the side down and up, before pouring your water out of the spout.

The little teacups and saucers are the perfect size for little hands, and Georgie and Lydia had a great time pretend stirring and slurping their cups of ‘coffee’ and ‘tea’ – aka water and water!

Lydia enjoyed using the cutlery and pretending to eat the breakfast that Georgie served her; egg on toast, with sausage and bacon on the side. Yum.

These toys are all made with sturdy plastic and don’t feel like they are going to break anytime soon. My only criticism is that the little appliances do seem a bit too little – although this does make them a lot easier to store so I’m not sure you’d want them much bigger!

The Casdon Morphy Richards kitchen set would be ideal for any children who enjoy role play games, and absolutely perfect to use with toy kitchens. They are suitable from 3 years, and my 6 year old and 8 year old have been having great fun with them, so you can get quite a few years of play out of this set, which we give a 4 star rating.

Casdon do a whole range of role play toys along the same theme, which would all go really well with this set:

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